Job Title: Non-Executive Director
Location: London (Paris or Berlin)
Close Date: 29/04/2019
Salary: Voluntary

Job description

As we plan the next phases of our development, we are recruiting several Non-Executive Directors to strengthen the governance and broaden the skill-set of our board. Currently we are consolidating the considerable expansion of the last three years – to two new cities and one new programme.

This year and next we are investing in our capacities, ways of working and collaborating across all cities. From 2020/21 we plan to create a next step-change in our impact launching new cities and programmes. We have one board that oversees the operations of our three organisations, incorporated locally in the UK, France and Germany respectively.

New Non-Executive Directors will join a collaborative and efficiently run board that helps the organisation, amongst other things, to chart a path between the competing dynamics of generating impact vs. financial success and operating with the rigour of a large professional services company and the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up. We are looking significantly to increase the diversity of our board membership and bring on new members that bring different demographic characteristics, ways of thinking and/or lived experiences.

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Point of contact for applicants: [email protected]