Recruiting and retaining staff is an issue that businesses across the whole social enterprise sector have identified as a major concern for their organisation.

#MyJobMatters is a digital campaign to support social enterprises in engaging directly with their staff, reminding them that their role is making a difference. 

We appreciate that every job matters in some way but #MyJobMatters aims to recognise the impact of the social enterprise sector, to celebrate those on the front line, as well as those in the back office, who all contribute to the impact and success of this movement.


Taking place on 10th June, the campaign provides a digital platform to engage employees (both existing and potential) and to showcase the social enterprise sector. This is done by highlighting examples of moments when staff recognised that their role was making a difference and encouraging others in the sector to share their stories.

It's incredibly easy to get involved in the campaign!

If you run a social enterprise:

Encourage your staff to take part in the campaign by:

  1. Downloading this poster to display in your workplace, encouraging staff to share their stories through social media (as above)
  2. Use this sample content in your newsletters, intranet or other internal communications to remind your team to take part
  3. Share stories across your social media accounts about your staff, why their job matters and how they contribute to achieving your mission. Use the hashtags #MyJobMattters and #SocEntCareers and include a photo of the staff member(s)!

If you work for a social enterprise:

  1. Think about a moment at work when you realised that what you do makes a difference
  2. Share that moment on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) with the hashtags #MyJobMattters and #SocEntCareers - include a photograph of yourself!

We will be following the hashtag and sharing the stories on SEUK's social media accounts on the 10th June!

#MyJobMatters and our member induction video are part of a larger programme that we are running at SEUK around The Future Of Work. Find out more about it here.