Full time, 35 hours per week
Mondays 1:30-8:30pm; Tues – Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Starting salary: £20,360 per annum

Reports to: Manager

Deadline to apply: 30/05/2019

Job description

Our work shows a dramatic need for moving on support. When LGBTI asylum seekers are granted refugee status, they are often given only 28 days to find new accommodation and a job. 28 days are not enough to prepare for a new life in a new country. This is a critical point for many refugees: without the right support they are at risk of homelessness, exploitation and depression.

Our research and direct experience with LGBTI refugees show that they often live below the poverty line, that they live in extreme isolation and suffer from low confidence and self-esteem. Facilitating opportunities in life is therefore crucial. This post is an opportunity for someone who cares deeply about people to play a key role in their integration process.

We believe that there are existing moving on opportunities (housing, jobs, trainings, etc.) that are not accessed by LGBTI refugees. As our research shows, LGBTI refugees often don’t access the mainstream services available to refugees for fear of
being discriminated against. Equally, they struggle to access the services of LGBTI organisations which often lack resources to support refugees and migrants. The successful candidate would be able to identify such opportunities and create new partnerships and referrals systems for the benefit of LGBTI refugees.

Micro Rainbow will provide training and on-going support. Whether you are a newly granted refugee, a graduate looking for your first full time job or simply someone who is committed to LGBTI equality, we would love to read your application.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • To assist LGBTI refugees to move into Micro Rainbow Housing and to find alternative accommodation when their NASS ends and they need to move out from their NASS accommodation;
  • To establish new partnerships with housing providers that can help newly granted LGBTI refugees to find housing, including housing associations, third sector organisations, local councils;
  • To deliver the one-to-one moving on work of Micro Rainbow including, for each beneficiary, sessions on securing NI, opening a bank account, registering for Universal Credit, drafting a “moving on” plan;
  • To assist refugees to find employment, access training or education and refer them to relevant organisations and companies;
  • To coordinate Micro Rainbow’s employability workshops with its corporate partners;
  • To run moving on support groups or sessions with Micro Rainbow’s beneficiaries
  • To establish new partnerships with other organisations from the private, public and third sector that can support Micro Rainbow’s clients to move on;
  • To develop resources/practical guides (when they are not already available) that can guide LGBTI refugees through some of the moving on processes;
  • To support the project manager as required;

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