SEUK’s vision is of a more equal society – we believe that social enterprise is our best chance of creating a fairer world and protecting the planet.

Our mission is to achieve that through creating a favourable environment in which social enterprises can thrive.

We do this through:

  • raising awareness of social enterprise with different audiences through communications, events and campaigns
  • building the evidence base – research demonstrating how social enterprise makes a difference
  • helping social enterprises learn from each other, network and share knowledge
  • opening up markets in the private, public and social sectors to social enterprise
  • advocacy with government at all levels to create a regulatory and policy environment that is supportive to social enterprise

We operate in line with our values which inform our decision-making and our approach:

  • bold
  • generous
  • open
  • collaborative
  • entrepreneurial
  • member-led

In short, we are the national voice for social enterprise.