Organisational Strategy During Times of Change – November 2019

In this webinar BWB’s Advisory and Impact team will discuss a range of strategic options that can be used by organisations to maximise value (social and financial) and reduce risk during times of change. This will include an overview of practical issues to consider before undertaking transactions such as joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and disposals (e.g.  understanding and protecting the value of charitable assets within the deal structure).

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Legal Health Check for Social Enterprises – November 2019

This webinar offers participants an introduction to TrustLaw, the free global pro bono service run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which connects the best lawyers around the world to non-profits and social enterprises. The TrustLaw team will introduce attendees to their Legal Health Check resource (available here), which covers a range of legal topics, including corporate structuring and governance, commercial contracts, intellectual property, data protection, finance and fundraising issues.

Using practical examples, you will learn how to spot legal issues, assess the legal health of your organisation and access free legal advice from pro bono lawyers through TrustLaw.

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Safeguarding: what you need to know – September 2019

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults has always been of critical importance. However, through recent issues such as #MeToo, there has been a recognition that protection issues extend more widely to staff and those which your organisation comes into contact with. Safeguarding has evolved quickly in the past year and we have seen it rise rapidly in the regulatory agenda, as well as having significant media prominence.

This webinar will look at the requirements in relation to safeguarding and DBS checking and will specifically consider the recent changes to the regulatory landscape in respect of safeguarding for those social enterprises that are also registered charities.

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Contracts and grants: the essentials – April 2019

This webinar will provide an introduction to the essentials of contract law and grants, including:

  • Key components of grants
  • Key differences between contracts and grants and the VAT conundrum
  • Essential contract terms
  • Reviewing contracts – key things to consider

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Collaborative working – May 2019

Working together with other organisations can be hugely beneficial and help a social enterprise achieve its wider goals and operate in an efficient manner. However it’s important to be aware of some of the key legal issues and obstacles before embarking on this journey. This session will assist you to think about collaboration to really get to grips with the relevant considerations. This webinar will cover:

  • Why collaborate?
  • Common problems with collaborative working (and how to anticipate and avoid these)
  • Key issues to consider early on
  • Different collaboration structures (for example, different contractual arrangements versus the creation of a separate legal structures)
  • Collaboration process and the steps to go through
  • Consideration of key heads of terms for a collaboration agreement

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Understanding the categories of employment status and related tax implications – June 2019

Understanding the employment status of your staff is crucial, not least because it determines the extent of your legal obligations. A lot of recent media attention has focused on the gig economy (i.e. contracts with individuals such as, potentially, examiners) and the growing trend towards flexible working practices. These arrangements have sparked considerable debate and focused the gaze of the public (and HMRC) towards employers who are perceived to be exploiting their workforce through sham categorisation.  

In this webinar, hosted by Bates Wells, delegates will gain a practical understanding of: 

  • The categories of employment status and how to distinguish between them
  • The different rights that apply to each category
  • Understanding and maintaining the distinction
  • The tax implications of employment status including use of personal service companies and “IR35”.

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Crowdfunding for start up social enterprises – June 2019

This session is for social entrepreneurs understand the impact that crowdfunding can have and how to execute the best campaign.

The webinar will be hosted by Chief Crowdfunding Officer at 

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What does great recruitment mean for social enterprise? – June 2019

Great employees come from great recruitment – but what does that mean for social enterprise?

From defining your job role to advertising, through to handling applications, candidate communications, shortlisting and selection, this webinar will bring you the latest thinking and insights in candidate attraction and recruitment. In this webinar Jan Golding, CEO and Lead Consultant at Roots HR CIC and Claire Dalton, Director and Not for Profit recruitment specialist at NFP People explain how to maximise your recruitment budget and effort and attract great talent to your workforce.

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How to get free legal support for your social enterprise – October 2018

TrustLaw is a global programme of the Thomson Reuters Foundation that connects the world’s leading legal teams to provide free legal assistance to organisations working for social and environmental change. This webinar looks at how social enterprises can use TrustLaw to access free legal support (webinar starts at 2:00)

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GDPR, are you ready? – November 2017

Philippa Doyle, Associate at Hempsons law firm on what the sector needs to know about GDPR

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Strategy for sustainability and success – September 2016

Uday Thakkar from social enterprise consultancy, Red Ochre gives his top tips on strategies for sustainability and success.

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Branding masterclass – July 2016

Andrew Hunt co-founder of social enterprise Aduna on the power of brands to build positive change and how you can make the most of your brand.

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Social media – June 2016

Ruth Thomson founder of Social Social and social media guru on how to navigate the often confusing world of social media. 

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