If you have any interest in the workings of the financial industry and the way it is regulated this isn’t an event to be missed.

We are “joining the hemispheres” for this one i.e. there are going to be subject-matter experts speaking from the UK and Australia, including some notable figures and Parliamentarians; and of course there will be attendees from both countries.

We are “joining the hemispheres” because it has become crystal clear that both the UK and Australia have been suffering from exactly the same kind of widespread regulatory failures, culture issues, conflicts of interest and so on. There is much that our 2 countries can learn from each other, so that’s exactly what we are going to try to do.

This session will focus on what can be done to make real change happen. For senior policymakers, politicians and regulators looking for a “cure” to the ineffective financial regulation both our countries indubitably have, this event will be a treasure-chest of creative, pragmatic and effective solutions worthy of serious consideration.

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Start Date: 24/03/2021

Start Time: 08:00

End Date: 24/03/2021

End Time: 10:00

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