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Engaging and retaining staff are issues that our members across the whole social enterprise sector have identified as a major concern for their businesses.

These issues of workforce and talent are recognised as key challenges of the modern economy. From achieving better productivity to attracting millennials and motivating NHS staff, all sectors of the economy are grappling with this issue. At the heart of many approaches to this is purpose. The commonly cited Deloitte millennial survey showed us that 90% of young people want to work for businesses with a purpose. But it’s no longer just millennials who want more from their career than a high salary; it’s people from all ages and backgrounds who want to engage in purposeful work.

In addition to these issues, for social enterprises, is the difficulty around communicating what it means to be a social enterprise, how your organisation fits into this model and why it is important. This is, in part, a result of the amazing breadth and diversity of the social enterprise movement. For many social enterprises it is also often the case that a large number of their employees are not directly involved in delivering social impact, creating a disconnect between reported impact and their role in contributing to it.

To support our members in addressing these issues we have launched a major new initiative to assist with recruitment, retention and leadership in their organisations: what we’re calling ‘The Future of Work’ (read more about this at the bottom of this page).

One element of this initiative is a video that we have put together with the help of a number of our members and our patrons. The video was primarily created as an induction video for new staff in order to educate them about what it means to be a social enterprise and to make them feel part of the movement, no matter what their role in the organisation.

From this video we have made a number of different edits so that it can be used in a variety of ways to support your recruitment and retention campaigns.

There are also supporting materials to use with your team to supplement their learning including a digital flyer and a quiz.

See below for more information about each video and you can use them in your organisation.

The induction video

Written and directed by award winning Director and Comedian Chris Addison, and featuring Michael Sheen, this video is designed to be used as an induction tool to welcome new staff into the organisation, to show them how their work goes beyond their role to add to the impact of the overall sector, to demonstrate the size and scale of this amazing sector and to encourage them to feel a sense of pride that they are now part of this movement.

The video starts with a welcome message to staff, followed by an explainer piece about social enterprise and it ends with a heartfelt thanks from Chris and Michael.

The induction video is supported by the following suite of materials:

  • Digital flyer to support the video content giving more information about what a social enterprise is and the scale and impact of the sector. There is also a print ready version for a tri-fold leaflet should you want to give your staff something they can take away.
  • Poster to display around the work place to remind staff of the video and reinforce the key message, that they are helping create your impact.
  • Quiz to test learning, to reinforce the key messages about the sector and to stimulate discussions about your organisation’s social or environmental purpose. This comes in both office print and professional print versions.
  • Web page with links to more information for those who wish to find out more

Download it here

The subtitled version can be downloaded here

The follow up video

A number of our members have told us that they see a lull in staff engagement at varying points throughout the first year, so we developed a follow up video that can be shown at a later date to re-engage staff on the social enterprise agenda. You can show this at the most appropriate time for your organisation, be that 3 or 6 months after joining if you can see a pattern of dis-engagement, or you can plan wider screenings at approximate dates from groups of new starters and use it as an opportunity to host team building events around it.

Download it here.

The subtitled version can be downloaded here.

The existing staff video

There is also a version for existing staff. This aims to support organisations in ensuring that all staff know what it means to be a social enterprise and to help them to feel that they are part of something special. This can be used as part of an ongoing engagement campaign or a one-off event could be arranged to screen the video and share information about your organisation’s impact.

Download it here.

The subtitled version can be downloaded here.

The social enterprise explainer video

By removing the welcome message at the beginning of the induction video, this edit can easily be used to support any recruitment drives that you are planning, by differentiating your organisation as a social enterprise (and explaining what that is) and using Michael Sheen and Chris Addison’s message to attract new staff to the sector and to your organisation.

It is a comprehensive, simple and fun explanation of what social enterprise is and how it differs from charities and traditional businesses. Feel free to use this on your website, social media channels, intranet or wherever you feel it would be useful!

Download it here.

The subtitled version can be downloaded here.

The Future of Work

At SEUK, we believe that social enterprise is the Future of Business. We also know that it’s the people working in the sector who make the transformative impact of social enterprises possible.

This is why we’re looking to implement a major new programme of work which will focus on the issues of workforce and talent; issues which represent key concerns for many social enterprises.

The Future of Work will be a broad programme of activity to help equip our members with the tools to articulate and share their stories; attract and retain the best talent; and develop outstanding future leaders. We’ll be focusing on three key areas:

  1. Attraction – we want to make sure that the best people know about the unique career opportunities available in social enterprise, and that they feel inspired to seek them out.
  2. Retention – we want to make staff that work for social enterprises feel part of the social enterprise movement as this will make them more engaged and productive
  3. Leadership – we will be working with current and future leaders of social enterprises and their boards, supporting them in becoming the best they can be

Click here to find out more about this programme.