Looking for an intern?

We have teamed up with the University of Northampton to help our members find interns already committed to social enterprise. The University has developed a unique programme which allows students wanting to use their enterprising skills to undertake a paid internship with a social enterprise*. Please see details below as provided by the University, and how to send basic details about the intern you are looking for…

University of Northampton Internships

This unique programme allows students to develop enterprising skills and undertake a paid internship with a social enterprise. The Internship Programme offered to SEUK members is open to all final year students and recent graduates from the University of Northampton. The internships can take place throughout the year and would normally last for 10 weeks full-time or 20 weeks part-time, although there is some flexibility in this. Successful applicants will receive a £3,000 tax-free bursary over the course of their internship. As the funding costs are split between the organisation and the University, at the end of the internship the University will invoice your organisation for £1500. In certain exceptional circumstances additional funding may be available subject to status.

What does the University offer?

The Internship programme offered to SEUK members not only benefits the students and graduates,but can also have a huge impact on the businesses they join.

We offer:

  • Dedicated recruitment support to SEUK members, that are themselves social enterprises, looking to hire interns
  • Work Readiness scheme for all successful applicants before starting the internship, to ensure that applicants are ready to come to you
  • A final year student or recent graduate normally for 10 weeks full-time or 20 weeks part-time to support your business
  • An appraisal following the end of the internship to allow you and your candidate to reflect on your learnings

If you would like to find an intern, please click here to continue. You will then be contacted by the University.

*this offer is for SEUK members who are social enterprises themselves.