The days are getting colder, it’s now dark at around 4pm and just as gingerbread lattes and mulled wine become a thing again, we have that most festive of happenings – a General Election. It’s now less than a month till we go to the polls and even though many of you may have election fatigue, this one could not be more important.

In what’s being billed as a Brexit Election our election campaign will be holding candidates’ feet to the fire to ensure that they are talking about #MoreThanJustBrexit.

Next week we’re going to be launching our election campaign pack which will be containing everything you’ll need to push the people vying for your vote to look at the bigger picture on how we transform the economy to ensure that it works for everyone. Faced with the triple threat of the climate emergency, economic stagnation and social division, we have to look at the structural flaws within the economy and offer solutions on how we remedy them. Social enterprise has to be at the heart of this.  We’re also launching an exciting crowdfunding campaign, which will help us spread this message far and wide. More on that next week…

Next week is also Social Enterprise Day, an annual campaigning event shining a spotlight on our global social enterprise movement. As in previous years, with partners across the world, we’re running the #WhoKnew campaign – a chance for you all to take part in a simple online action and join your fellow social enterprises across the globe.  Last year social enterprises took part from 27 countries and this year is all set to be even bigger! Find out how you can get involved here.

Social Enterprise Day is all about showcasing social enterprise as a global movement taking on the biggest global issues at a local and national level and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals. Last month, representatives from this global community met in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for the Social Enterprise World Forum – the first time the world forum took place in an emerging economy. You can read our Chief Executive Peter Holbrook’s blog about this historic event here.

Finally it’s also getting very close to the UK Social Enterprise Awards which are taking place on 4 December. You can see the fantastic shortlist here.

Look out for our election materials next week. We look forward to campaigning with you!

Best wishes,

Andrew O’Brien

Director of External Affairs, Social Enterprise UK