As SEUK approaches the end of its financial year, we are looking back at what has happened in the past few months. It has been an exciting year for Social Enterprise UK and our members:

  • We launched a new Buy Social Directory
  • We grew the number of Corporate Challenge Partners buying from social enterprises
  • We took the social enterprise message to the streets of Westminster
  • We achieved a digital reach of over 25 million with our public facing campaigns

We couldn’t have done all the above without your continued support as a member and I’d like to thank you for that.

We aim for the membership fee of SEUK to be considered an investment in the dynamic grassroots activity that is happening in our communities and for whom SEUK provides support, visibility, and a community.

We constantly work to support you and all the other members through promoting your work and the impact you’re making, and to grow the social enterprise movement in several different ways.

Our strategy is focused on three key areas, all of which exist to support you now and for the future: membership, markets and evidence & influence.

Membership – We have several core membership activities to continue to improve the quality of the member experience and meet our growth objectives. We are investing in improvements to our website and the online member journey, as well as increasing our online content. We are improving the quality of our data so we can better tailor content and services to support your needs. We are constantly updating our members benefits to be the best membership body we can be.

Markets – Social enterprises operate in just about every area of the economy, and so our work reflects this. We work with public bodies to make the case for the Social Value Act, which we have been involved in from inception. We run the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, an initiative to support big businesses to spend £1 billion with social enterprises. We understand for many members the most important markets are those closest to them, and that building local and community business is vital. Our Social Enterprise Places programme now represents 30 towns, cities and regions across the country, with SEUK working to connect, network and support them to engage with local businesses, government and policymakers.

Evidence & Influence – In order to give social enterprise the profile and opportunity it deserves, we are committed to increase awareness of social enterprise at the highest level. We believe social enterprise should be seen for what it is, as a cornerstone of the UK economy that demonstrates a better way of doing business. Our work in this area is designed to be forward looking, ambitious and at times controversial – we need to see change.

I’d like to invite you to get involved with our work as much as possible by sharing your story and ideas and by taking part in our campaigns. The work we do is shaped by our members and you can be involved directly in everything we do and start a ripple effect by spreading the word about social enterprises.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to strengthen the social enterprise sector in the UK.

We can only achieve this with your continued support and engagement. 

Sofia Nibali

Membership Manager, Social Enterprise UK