An update from our Director of Research, Dr. Claire Mansfield

At Social Enterprise UK, one of our key goals is to build the evidence base for social enterprises so that we can convince both decision makers and the public that social enterprises are the future of business.

A key weapon in our arsenal is our biennial State of Social Enterprise Report (SOSE) which we will be publishing again this Autumn.  It is our flagship publication and will look in depth at the trends affecting the sector from start-up rates and turnover to innovation and diversity. We’ll be using it in all our future communications, policy and market building work…but for it to be truly impactful we need your help.

We have put together this survey which will directly feed into the research. It shouldn’t take too long to complete and your contribution would be invaluable in making the report as accurate a reflection of the sector as possible. Please do put the kettle on, treat yourself to a biscuit and take a few minutes to complete the survey!

Our State of Social Enterprise Survey comes hot on the heels of our latest piece of report ‘Front and Centre – Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth’

This report examined how social value is being used by local government. It’s part of our efforts to encourage the public sector to work with social enterprises and recognise the added value they bring. We found that whilst real progress has been made, social value is too often siloed within procurement departments meaning that it’s full potential is not being realised. We argue that social value can and must be used to drive inclusive growth, but that this can only happen if it is embedded throughout how public bodies operate.

You can have a read of the report here.  I’ll also be hosting a webinar with the reports co-author, Nancy Towers later today at 11am. Sign up here for free if you’d like to listen in.

A new piece of work we’ve just started will be looking at workforce and talent. It’s called the Future of Work’ and this Monday we ran #MyJobMatters, a digital campaign designed to shine a spotlight on people working at social enterprises and the incredible difference they are making. If you’d like a dose of inspiration, follow this hashtag!

We also launched an induction film all about working for a social enterprise written and directed by our patron, Chris Addison which features himself and Michael Sheen. It’s designed to be used by you, our members, to showcase to your staff just how great it is to be part of our social enterprise movement.

Finally, the UK Social Enterprise Awards deadline is somehow already nearly upon us. All applications need to be in by 7 July. Click here for more information.

Best wishes,

Dr Claire Mansfield