In 2017 WildHearts set an ambitious goal; they would transform one million lives by the end of 2020. Earlier this year, on March 26th they achieved that goal. 

This milestone has been achieved thanks to the work of WildHearts customers who share their values and vision of using business as a force for good.

Profits from the spend of WildHearts customers fund the work of the WildHearts Foundation (Registered Charity SC037072) to change lives locally and globally. Their social initiatives are diverse; from addressing social mobility in the UK by equipping young people with key development and employability skills, to addressing gender inequality in the developing world through their StartHer Strategy. WildHearts enable their customers to use every day spends to create positive social change whilst also having a positive impact on their business.

Not only has WildHearts’ impact grown exponentially but they are now cited as a leading, global B2B social business, are a registered B Corps, a signatory to the Global Compact and their work addresses over 50% of the UN’s Global Goals. To find out more about WildHearts and their work, check out their website.