Social Enterprise UK is supporting the growing number of UK start-ups by removing the member fee for smaller social enterprises, enabling them to join the largest social enterprise network in the world.

With a boom of these new start up social enterprises, an increasing consensus that mutual models can rebalance our economy and deliver inclusive growth, and the never-more urgent need of the social enterprise model across the world, SEUK’s new membership model will strengthen the collective voice of the sector, build the research base and support a bigger mandate for social and economic change.

From Wednesday 7 March membership for all social enterprises with a turnover of less than £100,000 will be free.

SEUK will also be enhancing and consolidating its membership offer for larger social enterprises who will now benefit from more exclusive offers, more opportunities to contribute to policy and lobbying work, as well as more practical support.

Commenting on the changes and welcoming potential new members, Peter Holbrook CEO of SEUK said:

“Today we’re calling on all social enterprises to join our movement. The country’s current economic model is broken but together we can use our collective voice and mandate to bring about the change that is so desperately needed.

Increasingly more and more people recognise that social enterprise must be the future of business, we are seeing more and more CICs, community businesses, mutuals and co-ops emerge. Our message is that together we are much more powerful than we can ever be alone –  our country and our world is crying out for economic models that nourish and support our communities rather than extract wealth and exploit. We are building a powerful movement and we need more of you involved”.  

Liz Minns, SEUK head of membership said:

“SEUK’s new membership model will remove barriers to entry for those at the start of their journey and expanding our network will enable us to help amplify the voice of the sector. Together we will push for a fairer and more equitable world. We can achieve so much together, and we look forward to you joining us.”

Find out more about becoming a member at Social Enterprise UK here and what our new membership package means for your orqanisation.