Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE) has launched a new Social Impact Measurement Toolbox aimed at small and medium sized Social Enterprises and voluntary groups – whatever stage they are at in recording their impact. This innovative Toolbox will enable organisations to follow a framework that gives them the evidence they need to show the impact they make in their communities and for their investors.

The new Toolbox has been developed by Nicky Stevenson, a Director of SEEE and consultant who has converted the original paper version into a fully functional website that organisations can work through at their own pace.

It is crucial for third sector organisations to have a clear idea of the impact they make. With this knowledge they can tell people their story about what they achieve and the difference their make for their users or clients; as Nicky Stevenson commented.

There’s a lot of confusion around Social Impact Measurement because there are a lot of different methods – sometimes organisations worry about this rather than starting at the basic level of ensuring they are recording what is needed. Our Toolbox aims to demystify impact measurement and break it down into simple practical actions that all organisations can follow to understand their social impact

The Social Impact Measurement Toolbox from SEEE includes activities to help organisations analyse what they already know and identify any gaps in their data, think about the questions they need to ask and develop a comprehensive plan of what they need to collect and when. With this information in place, organisations will then easily be able to tell their story and demonstrate their value; making a stronger case to customers and investors and open the door to new opportunities.

SEEE’s Social Impact Measurement Toolbox is a one-off price of £180. This allows a license to use the Toolbox for up to five people within an organisation with additional add on support available from SEEE’s consultancy service if extra assistance is needed. All profits from the Toolbox are reinvested into SEEE to further their work across the East of England supporting fellow Social Enterprises.

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