Tarem Services Ltd, are doing their bit during this festive season by introducing ‘Claim your essentials’ for their employees. This contribution has assisted their employees with that extra bit of help to ease financial burden, especially during these challenging times.

Marva Seaton, who works for Tarem Services said “I have worked for Tarem Services for 5 years and can only be grateful to them. Times where I have struggled to make ends meet, the extra pay I receive from my employer makes such a difference to me. Especially as a cleaner, the whole situation with Covid also makes things more difficult, so receiving these essentials and working for an employer that really cares makes a huge difference.”

Each bag is filled with, a range of essentials including deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gels, toilet rolls and soap bars along with offering support and advice to employees.

Business Development Director, Torquil Allen also said “It has been a challenging year for many and we wanted to do something different for our employees who are on the front lines of fighting this global pandemic. And I am pleased to say we’ve had a great response and we expect to continue this initiative. I also hope that these essentials we have distributed bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to some of our employees who need it most.”

About Tarem Services Ltd

Serving London for over 20 years, Tarem Services Ltd is a social enterprise company with a difference. Where experience has shown us that cleaning is one of the lowest-paid jobs in the UK and one of the most important. Most cleaners have to juggle 3 to 4 jobs per night, on contracts paying only the ‘living wage’. For this reason, in 2006 we made it our goal to focus on tackling in-work poverty by ensuring that the cleaners working for us are recognised for the important and essential work that they do.

We achieve this by enabling them to share in the success of the business along with becoming an employee shareholder. Not only do our employees receive annual dividends from the profits made by the company, but they also receive a monthly profit share produced by the individual contract they are working on. This unprecedented move has transformed the lives of our staff that has resulted in exceptionally low staff turnover. And the workforce putting in the maximum effort that enables each contract to be finished to a very high standard.

We also get involved in a variety of other social and environmental causes such as assisting our clients in reducing their waste and offsetting our own carbon emissions produced whilst servicing contracts.