Smile Together Dental CIC are proud to publish their latest Impact Special Edition showcasing the success of #SmilesAtSeaUK 2021 in reaching out to the local fishing community across Cornwall and Devon harboursides.

The pandemic prevented them from providing treatment from a mobile dental unit in 2020 and also resulted in a partnership funding shortfall for 2021. Not wanting to miss another year of treatment, and knowing the difference their award-winning Smiles At Sea tour makes to local fishing communities, Smile Together generously funded this fifth harbourside tour and what a resounding success it was!

Thanks to everyone concerned for helping to make a difference in a community that rarely gets to see a dentist due to the demands of their work.

Smile Together’s clinical teams visited 4 harbourside locations in 5 days treating 102 fisherfolk and their dependent family members, 40% of whom hadn’t visited a dentist for 5 years or more (10% for more than 10 years). They did 20 fillings, 10 extractions/root removals, 4 scale and polish and 6 x-rays, and 2 patients were encouraged to contact their Urgent Dental Care Hub for emergency treatment with another referred for complex urgent minor oral surgery.

They gave Home Education Packs to all fisherfolk and their families who attended which included top dental tips for the family along with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a toothbrushing timer. In some locations there were free Healthy Lifestyle advice and information from other healthcare providers. They also had goodies available for all those who brought along their old toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes and associated packaging for recycling through Smile Together’s commitment to Colgate TerraCycle.