Labour market statistics published by the ONS show the number of job vacancies in the UK are at their highest since records began. In this backdrop, employers across many sectors are continuing to experience fundamental challenges in finding the staff and skills that they need.

The recent changes in the labour market have spurred on the launch of new tech startup, Stay Nimble.

Stay Nimble is aiming to help people learn how to adapt more easily and quickly to changes in the labour market, rather than trying to predict what will happen in the future. The team call this adaptation method “career fitness”. Customers are able to use the service to access content similar to Headspace meditation packs to help them with confidence, resilience and motivation. On the practical side, customers are able to shortlist matched careers to potentially pursue.

The service gives customers access to detailed data, powered by Burning Glass, regarding the jobs market in their local area, including who is hiring, the average salary, and the typical skills employers need for these roles. By using CV parsing technology, a customer can easily see how much effort it will take in reskilling to move into an entirely new field by comparing existing skills with those required for a certain role.

Since launching in May 2018, hundreds of people have signed up for Stay Nimble’s service from all over the country, and the team has ambitious plans to expand the service following successful pilots. They will be targeting Birmingham, Bristol and London initially, with a specific aim to help people returning to work after a career break more easily identify new jobs that maximise their talents and their pay.

The Company then aims to rapidly extend service into areas with persistent underemployment and where employers find it hard to recruit people with the skills they need. Further evidence shows that the skills mismatch is costing businesses more than £2billion a year in recruitment costs and temporary staffing[1].

Clear in the knowledge that the jobs of tomorrow will be vastly different from the jobs of today, Stay Nimble is taking a positive and empowering approach to inclusion; promoting diversity, improving accessibility and supporting people into new work. By democratising traditional career coaching techniques previously only available through face-to-face and costly interventions, the Company intends to have a significant impact on society.

Dominic Atkinson, Founder of Stay Nimble, said: “The future of work cannot be predicted. Yet, numerous think tanks and consultancies are predicting millions of jobs will be replaced by technology over the coming decade. What is clear is that new work is being created all the time, and many of the new jobs of the future will require the labour of people to help organisations reach their goals.

With the average tenure in a role decreasing to 4 years, and the number of different roles we will perform in a lifetime increasing to more than 12, making it easier for everyone to understand their options and take action based on what is happening in the local environment becomes a key priority. Stay Nimble wants to empower people with tried and tested methods to navigate a career change with minimal effort and cost for deciding your direction. We make this knowledge instant and always-on, meaning that you’ll never miss an opportunity to find better work that you’re perfectly suited for, even when new work is being rapidly created.”

Stay Nimble is also launching its inaugural crowdfunding round on leading European equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. The company is looking to raise a Seed round of £150,000. This will be used to improve its data integration and processing and to overhaul the matching algorithms, in order to improve the speed and relevance of matches, and make it easier for customers to explore new types of work.