Purple Moon Drama is a social enterprise that designs bespoke theatre facilitation programmes as a tool for self-development.

Book a free 30-minute taster talk in your office –  https://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/Event/purple-moon-drama-free-lunchtime-wellbeing-talks-in-your-office-throughout-june

We run various structured training projects throughout the year to create positive transformations, and what’s more, our work supports disadvantaged young people to move closer their goals by training the necessary soft skills and improving their overall presentation abilities.

Our bespoke workshops are all about improving staff wellbeing, in a way that is practical, enjoyable and suitable for all ages and abilities. The question is not whether business should invest in employee wellbeing, but what wellbeing investments should be made to maximise on return on investment. The best results come from a short break from routine with participants engaging in the different options that might suit them best, followed by a call or survey designed and delivered by our qualified coach to assess and report back on impact and progression. All of this can be undertaken with minimum interference to office work and provides an excellent means of accountability and reflection.

Our workshops have well evidenced impact. We improve emotional intelligence and promote long lasting overall self-directed wellbeing. Our workshops bring about self-awareness, confidence and team cohesion.

What participants say

“I will definitely use the tools and tips I learnt to help manage my working day”

Sarah, RSA Feb 2017

“I feel much more connected to the people I see everyday. It makes you realise that other people are in the same boat as you and have similar thoughts and problems”

Michael, RSA March 2017

“I really appreciate that RSA had given us the opportunity to be involved in this experimental technique, I enjoyed the day very much!” – RSA Employees, February 17 

Alyss, RSA March 2017

Five things you should know about Purple Moon Drama:

1) In 2016/17 we worked with 104 16 to 25 year olds. All participants were supported by our bursary scheme, which is subsidised by our Drama in the Office programme.

2) We delivered 108 hours of group activity and produced 9 facilitation programmes across 5 different spaces in London.

3) Purple Moon Drama are Social Enterprise UK members. Booking a Drama in the Office workshop would contribute toward the BUYSOCIAL campaign.

4) 100% of our Drama in the Office participants said they enjoyed the workshop.

5) Average overall ‘wellbeing’ scores increased from 3.11 to 4.84; and each of the ‘4 Cs’ also increased between the beginning and the end of each Drama in the Office delivery – Confidence, Commitment, Connection and Charisma

Purple Moon are offering free lunchtime wellbeing talks in your office throughout June. More information here