Craft brewery, Toast Ale, has released a new beer for World Environment Day, a global movement to transform our planet.

A collaboration with plant-based brand, Rebel Kitchen, the beer focuses on how we can halt environmental damage by reducing food waste and restore the health of people and the planet through regenerative approaches.

Regenerative agriculture uses nature-friendly farming practices that support soil systems to remove carbon from the atmosphere and lock it away, retain more water and support biodiversity. Healthier soils also mean more nutritious food.

World Environment Day is campaigning for ecosystem restoration. Though we can’t turn back time, we can get active now. The UN sets out actions we can take, including growing trees, greening our cities, rewilding our gardens, changing our diets and cleaning up rivers and coasts. We can also change the way our food is produced and stop wasting it.

Oat Pale Ale is a limited-edition beer brewed with surplus fresh bread (as is Toast’s signature style) and surplus organic oats that would otherwise have been wasted. It prevents food waste and produces a beer with the lowest environmental footprint.

Toast’s beer is the fifth in its Rise Up series of collaborations which raises awareness about the environmental impact of our food and the benefits of supporting better, healthier ways of producing it.

Beer lovers can do their bit by enjoying a cheeky pint. It’s a hazy, juicy Pale Ale with peach aromas and a spiced bitterness to balance the sweet, creamy oats. All profits go to the environmental charity, Feedback, to support campaigning work in the lead up to COP26.

People can also write to their MPs to ask for food to be on the agenda at the COP26 UN Climate Change conference in November (there’s a simple form on the Toast Ale website).

Louisa Ziane, Toast’s co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, said,

“We wanted to create a beer that helps to raise consciousness about a way of farming that is better for the planet and our health. Collaborating with Rebel Kitchen, who are also on a regenerative journey with their
range of plant-based milks, has been a brilliant way for us to learn more and share that with others over a delicious beer.”

It’s time to Rise Up over a beer that does the world of good. The beer will be available on the Toast Ale website and at independent retailers.