Planet first is a social enterprise company that provides professional energy cost, consumption management and reduction services across the UK.  The founding members were motivated to start the enterprise in order to “give something back to the community.

“Investing in a social enterprise company will allow us to contribute fully “without compromise”. We are confident that our skills in energy management are highly desirable and very much needed in this sector and will bring serious benefits to both people and planet.”

Initially, the company will only be offering its services to business and will begin operating in South Yorkshire but have a longer-term mission to expand the offering nationally across the UK. “ Through research and analysis, political policy development, technology and local action, we aim to lead the move to clean, efficient, and secure energy.” Said a spokesman for the business.

Profits will be used to help improve lives by reinvesting in research and development in products and services that produce energy without harming the planet and improving lives. This will initially be in the form of support for the South Yorkshire energy centre, a unique not-for-profit, energy efficiency demonstration centre in Sheffield. “We’re dedicated to keeping local people warm and comfortable – we’re here with help to find better energy deals, manage your bills, and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our friendly staff and volunteers are here to help with ideas and inspiration about what you can do in your home from renewables, such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps to free and low-cost measures, such as draught-proofing and energy saving top tips”.

If you are interested to find out more about Planet First or wish to discuss a project with us call
 01246 386700 or visit