Moneyline has been a leader in providing affordable financial products as an alternative to high-cost providers for nearly two decades. We have lent almost £100 million to over 170,000 customers many of those customers have also deposited over £12 million into small sum savings accounts.

This week (7th June 2021) we will launch 3 new products our flexi, budget and e loan that will see us shift from a single loan product to our three-tiered offering, enabling price reductions and ensuring our tailored products better reflect the needs of our customers at every step of their journey with Moneyline.

At the same time, we launch the expansion of our distribution channels, taking Moneyline from a primarily branch-led business to a balanced, multi-channel, nationwide lender with branches, mobile outreach, telephone, and digital lending.

We have invested in an expansive programme of technology upgrades to extend Moneyline’s reach and improve customer experience.

The acceleration of digital lending has been a dominating theme in the marketplace and of course its improved customer experience for some people.

But digital inclusion for many of our customers at Moneyline is about so much more than access to the internet and a device, it is also about to what extent you transact your financial life digitally whether you use your bank card and current account to pay for things and if you are creating that transactional footprint.

Many customers do this, but many customers do not which can limit how we can use Open Banking, and automation of the underwriting and application process for some of the people we see.

We are always purpose-led at Moneyline, and we remain determined to set our customers up in a system that gives them a realistic probability of succeeding. How? With our inclusive and innovative design and tailoring of credit, savings and protection products that fit with how our customers live their financial lives.

Our multi-product, multi-channel strategy underlines our support for customers that have complex and sometimes vulnerable circumstances. Customers that need to transact in a way that works for them, we will continue to lead on how customers can be included and not left behind just because they do not fit with the most efficient forms of lending.

But at the same time, we are realistic about the need to deliver our products and services sustainably and provide absolute clarity on the cost to serve different customers in different ways.

We are growing our impact too – for every £1 invested we will deliver £3 of social value with an estimated £24 million of savings to borrowers through provision of cheaper credit, also not charging admin fees or late fees and reducing the poverty premium through having access to cash to buy the things you need when you need them.

This is combined with the transformative power of our qualitative impact through improved social inclusion, mental health, financial capacity, self-esteem, and standard of living.

At Moneyline we will not accept financial exclusion. We will make fair, affordable financial products the mainstream for everyone. We will create a financial system for all customers to feel valued and included. A system that serves them with the respect, kindness and dignity at every stage and every hurdle they encounter in their financial lives.

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