Amy Wilson, Oral Health Team for CDS Oxfordshire

During the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Community Dental Services (CDS) CIC (commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council) is providing ongoing infection prevention support to care homes and children’s homes across Oxfordshire to protect their staff and residents and to help minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The CDS Infection Prevention Control (IPS) team have developed an audit toolkit which helps providers review current procedures and protocols, ensuring they have the right knowledge, staff and resources to deliver care in this challenging time and have COVID-19 policies and Standard Operating Procedures in place.

Sophie Burton, Oral Health Improvement Practitioner for CDS Oxfordshire is the IPC Project Manager and is very proud that CDS can offer this support.

“It may be confusing why a dental setting is providing this training. CDS have been commissioned for this role because of our extensive knowledge in IPC, and our fantastic track record of delivering training meant we were great for this position.”.

Care and children’s homes received the toolkit and user guide by email and once completed return them to the CDS IPC team. Results are RAG (red, amber, green) rated and the providers are advised of the support required, their performance against the average and appropriate training is offered.

Sophie is pleased with the uptake to date and is looking forward to receiving the remaining toolkits.

“So far, 74% of Oxfordshire care homes and children’s homes have completed the CDS toolkit and are receiving our support in; personal protective equipment; caring for residents depending on their covid status; staff; visitors; infection prevention control and mouth care. CDS will be forwarding our training packs and further training will be available by webinar or one-to-one training.”.