Epic CIC introduces Strong Young Minds- an outreach service that is led by young people

Shocking Figures Show Lack of Local Mental Health Support

NHS England figures have recently revealed that children and young people with serious mental health problems are forced to travel as far as 285 miles to receive mental health support. The Youth Forum at Epic CIC have also been very vocal about needing more mental health support within the borough. As a response, Epic CIC have launched a Strong Young Minds programme which gives young people a sense of control over their use of the service to show that even in difficult times they can find their own strengths.

Unique Approach to Mental Health Gives a Voice to Young People  

Strong Young Minds creates a unique outlet for children and young people to vocalise their concerns while staying in charge of how their one to one programme is led. The service aims to put children and young people in control to identify their strengths, increase resilience, reduce social isolation and build on coping skills to develop strong young minds.

This programme is also unique in providing an ongoing support to young people entirely based on their needs – there is no limit to the length of engagement which is unique for mental health services in the UK.

What Strong Young Minds service offers:

– Emotional support and advocacy
– Help in learning about ways to build mental strength and coping techniques
– Help for children and young people to feel less isolated by bringing them into social groups

– Increased awareness and reduced stigma.

About Epic CIC

The mission of Epic CIC is to inspire children & young people to achieve their potential and make a positive difference to the local communities. Epic CIC provides a range of universal and targeted programmes to bring communities together and address pressing challenges facing young people in London including poverty, employability and education, physical and mental health and serious youth violence.

Strong Young Minds is currently taking referrals. For more information or to discuss a referral please contact Specialist Social Workers for Mental Health; Imogen Keay 07714 563 253 or Renae Boswell 07739 314 573, MHreferrals@epiccic.org.uk.

For more information, visit https://www.epiccic.org.uk/sym  or contact Jone Kociunaite: jone.kociunaite@epiccic.org.uk