Epic CIC introduces Strong Young Minds- a programme which provides a one to one outreach service that is led by the child or young person to help access the support they want. By giving young people a sense of control over their use of the service, Strong Young Minds creates a unique outlet for children and young people to vocalise their concerns while staying in charge of how their one to one programme is led. The service allows children and young people identify their strengths, increase resilience, reduce social isolation and build on coping skills to develop strong young minds.

This service offers:

  • Emotional support and advocacy
  • Helps to learn about ways to build mental strength and coping techniques
  • Brings children and young people into social groups helping them feel less isolated
  • Aims to increase awareness and reduce stigma.

To sign up to the course, please contact one of our Specialist Social Workers for Mental Health; Imogen Keay 07714 563 253 or Renae Boswell 07739 314 573, MHreferrals@epiccic.org.uk.

For more information visit https://www.epiccic.org.uk/sym

It can also link to our website for more information: https://www.epiccic.org.uk/sym