Mydex CIC is delighted to announce that our application to the ninth iteration of the UK government’s G-Cloud Platform was successful. We are excited to share our increased, diverse portfolio for those buying services through G-Cloud.

This serves a wide audience, since all government departments, local authorities, not-for-profit organisations, police forces, devolved administrators, wider public sector bodies and even ‘arm’s length’ bodies are eligible to buy services on the Digital Marketplace. This includes clusters — groups of organisations working together to deliver a service — for which we have specifically developed packages and options tailored to the involvement of multiple organisations.

Our seven core services are:

The full list of services can be found in the G-Cloud platform listings.

Each of our seven core services has a supporting accelerator program — workshops to discover where to start, key goals and vital journeys before buildling a person-centred service.

For each offering, we have two distinct payment models available, either to reduce upfront cost, making it easier to get started, or to reduce cost over the life of the service when starting with a large number of individuals.

We built these serivces in response to needs we observed in our work with a variety of organisations. Our range of packages suits organisations large and small, from enabling components such as Consent Management or our GDPR compliance package, which can easily be integrated into existing journeys, to our Cluster Collaboration Platform, which enables groups of organisations working together to greatly improve the capabilities and outcomes of the services they offer together.

This diversity means that housing associations, local health authorities, charities, groups of organisations, and many others can find the level of discovery, service and support they are looking for, at a price point that suits them.

Look out for our upcoming article detailing some of the key elements of our expanded G-Cloud offering, right here on our Medium page.