About Migrateful

Migrateful is a charity that runs cookery classes led by migrant chefs struggling to integrate and access employment in the UK due to legal and linguistic barriers. The cookery classes provide ideal conditions not just for learning English and building community.

Migrateful was founded in July 2017 by Jess Thompson after many years’ experience working with refugees in Ceuta, Morocco and Dunkirk.

About the Campaign

Since 2017, Migrateful has been supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to share their traditional cuisines with the public, training them to become professional cookery class teachers as a way to access employment and integration in the UK. Before the pandemic in 2020, chef training sessions and cooking classes took place in different venues across London, a system that proved to be logistically challenging.

When in-person cooking classes were disrupted, Migrateful pivoted to virtual classes, helping chefs and students to stay connected. With lockdown restrictions set to lift later this year, Migrateful is ready to put down roots and provide a sense of continuity for the chefs; a place that they can all grow into. A place full of personality, people, community spirit, and of course, delicious food!

Campaign Success

In February 2021, Migrateful launched a 90-day crowdfunding campaign to raise£126,000. They reached over 50% of the target amount in just two weeks. On March 16th, 2021, the Mayor of London pledged £45,000, helping Migrateful reach their target goal.

“The Mayor and I believe our communities have some fantastic ideas on how to merge from the pandemic and bring our city together. We’re proud to support this project and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the local community.” – Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills.

The money raised will allow Migrateful to:

– Transform an underused space in The 3 Corners Centre (Clerkenwell) into a cookery school for chef training, cookery classes and events

– Install a fully equipped kitchen for catering events and feeding the community initiatives

– Provide 10 cooking stations for classes of up to 20 participants

– Create a beautiful dining space with a banquet table where people come together to share food, stories and experience

Migrateful is now overfunding to bring some additional features to the cookery school, including:

– Interior and exterior signage & decoration of the entrance area

– Herb garden, planters and outdoor seating area

– Sliding doors to allow direct access to outdoor seating area

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