Actor and Activist Michael Sheen is supporting a leading community finance lender, Moneyline, to raise awareness of their work to help struggling lower-income families cope with the growing cost-of-living crisis.

“Being frugal, making do, mending; that’s always been with us. There’s always been a “cost-of-living” crisis for some households. The pandemic highlighted the gap between those who had, and those who had not..” Says Michael Sheen at the opening of a short video released to highlight the work of not-for-profit lender Moneyline.

Michael Sheen has been a supporter of not-for-profit Community Finance Organisation, Moneyline, since he first got to know them when he was looking at issues of affordable credit a few years ago. Moneyline have just launched a social impact report to showcase the work they have been doing, helping thousands of lower-income households with limited choices improve their financial resilience and wellbeing through small loans, flexible repayment terms, linked savings, access to contents insurance and a lender on the side of the borrower.

Michael took time out from filming Good Omens 2, to narrate a short film about Moneyline’s work to support the report’s launch.

“It’s important to me to highlight the work of Social Enterprises like Moneyline who in the middle of the cost-of-living crisis are providing a financial lifeline to struggling families across the UK.”

“What Moneyline lend each year is a drop in the ocean of what they could do if they had more support and more capital to lend.”

The video reports on Moneyline’s journey to lend nearly £100m since they began to those whose needs are a small loan to cover the everyday costs of a replacement washing machines and cooker, car repairs to get to work, and celebratory events like birthdays, weddings, and Christmas.

Michael highlights customers stories, the excellent Trustpilot reviews and the pressures facing lower-income households.

He asks where people will go if lenders like Moneyline don’t scale to meet the gap left by the demise of high-cost credit and points to the acknowledged rise in friends and family lending. From 3.6million people borrowing in that way in 2017 to 5.9 million in 2020.

With shrinking household finances Michael is concerned about where struggling families will turn
to borrow money. Moneyline’s report and the short film can be viewed at

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About Moneyline

For almost 20 years Moneyline has been creating new ways to provide credit to UK households who have less than average income. We help families spread the cost of important purchases and life events, offering loans between £100 and £2500 over 13 – 104 weeks. We also offer flexible savings, and insurance products, and help with maximising income. We are not-for-profit and we serve the communities most in need of a responsible, trusted lender
who will be flexible, fair, and reliable. We make a difference by making credit possible for families who would otherwise be financially excluded.

We estimate that 20% of the adult population (approximately 11 million people) in the UK have little or no access to more affordable sources of credit. They also experience difficulty in finding ways to deposit savings through mainstream banks due to the low value and short-term nature of what they need. There is a growing gap in the non-standard credit market that affordable credit providers, like Moneyline, need to step into to prevent less scrupulous lenders filling the gap.

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