Somerset based Social Enterprise, Lendology CIC, have released their Social Impact Report for 2020/21.  This Report, compiled by The Financial Inclusion Centre, analyses how the work of the organisation has impacted its clients’ financial, property and household wellbeing. 

Lendology CIC works in partnership with local councils across the South West.  Since 2005, they have been lending council funds to homeowners for home repairs, improvements, adaptations or energy efficiency measures. 

Unlike most lenders, Lendology has no shareholders which means they are able to put impact before profit.  Their small team assess each homeowner on their unique circumstances, using people to make decisions for people, not computers or credit scoring. 

The Report found that 58% of borrowers had few alternative borrowing options due to their financial circumstances.  Lendology are able to work with a wide range of homeowners, from those who are employed, self-employed, or in receipt of benefits, retired, or have a poor credit history. 

The Report also highlights the stark issues with housing with 1 in 5 households across the South West being classed as ‘non-decent’.  With the rising energy costs and the need for investment in homes to reduce carbon emissions, local councils are keen to raise awareness of the little known loan scheme it funds. 

Emma Lower, CEO at Lendology CIC, said: “Every day, we are taking calls from homeowners who live in cold, damp, dangerous or hard to heat homes or people who are looking to adapt their homes to suit their needs, or invest in renewable technology.  2020/21 has been extraordinarily busy for us, and despite the pandemic, we continue to find ways to help more people, because for us it is too important not to”. 

For more information on the work of Lendology CIC, visit or call 01823 461099.