Chocolate Films have recently released the e-book ‘How To Effectively Use Video For Your Business’. It is a guide to help organisations, including social enterprises, to effectively leverage video content. The book explores 5 routes to win at video marketing, with content types that are achievable for any organisation and practical takeaways.

The book looks at how you can successfully promote your organisation, explain to customers what you do, or create interest for your latest project. Are you unsure how to make a first company video? Or have you done video marketing before, but are you looking for new ways that drive better results? This e-book offers 5 techniques to create great video content.

Creating videos does not have to be complicated or expensive. Your social enterprise has stories to tell, amazing people at hand and interesting products or spaces to film. Downloading the e-book will provide inspiration, with video examples from a variety of organisations. You will learn to:

  • Grow your website traffic, with content that is helpful for your audience.
  • Drive Brand Awareness with HERO video content.
  • Use Video Animation to explain your product, industry or research.
  • Optimise video content for maximum online impact.

” Every social enterprise we’ve ever encountered has an inspiring story, and audiences are always fascinated to find out about your social purpose. These five techniques will help you use video to communicate effectively!” –  Mark Currie, Director, Chocolate Films

More details on chocolate films and to download the e-book here.