Empower – Be The Change is a social enterprise which firmly believes that it is the individuals within an organisation that make it truly successful and, with the right leadership and team training, organisations can create dynamic, proactive and empowered teams that provide the best services for the communities they serve.

What makes our courses stand out from the crowd?

  • Adapted to virtual, distance learning- no dry pre-recorded classes with Empower- Be The Change. Learners have the opportunity to interact with their tutor and each other in feedback sessions, discussions, tasks and breakout rooms.
  • An inclusive, flexible and individual approach to each learner & team. While the content is consistent throughout all of our courses, each one is unique because we respond to the learners in front of us, particularly around additional needs or nervousness of technology or the online classroom environment. We get to know our learners really well and ensure everyone has an opportunity to share their views and get involved.
  • Solutions focused. Our tutors never tell course participants what to do, but we do facilitate learners own journeys to success, effectiveness and mental toughness. Our courses are proven to make a real difference, both to individuals and teams.

Upcoming Courses:

Empowered Entrepreneur Course

 3 x 90 min workshops; Wednesday 29th September, 13th October, 27th October. 9:30-11:00.

This Institute of Leadership approved course is for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to build their self-awareness, mental toughness and leadership skills to run a highly effective enterprise without burning themselves out.

ILM Level 3 (City and Guilds) Leadership and Management Course

Four half days: Day 1: Thursday 7th October Day 2: Monday 18th October Day 3: Thursday4th Nov Day 4: Thursday 2nd December

Build self awareness & leadership skills to become a highly effective leader who empowers your teams. This course is for team leaders who want to build their self awareness and leadership skills to become highly effective leaders who empower their teams. Leaders who understand their strengths, leadership style and areas for development are more effective at creating and building high performing teams.

Contact Jo@empower-bethechange.org or click here for more information on our courses: https://bit.ly/3tKisA9

Leadership Training Questionnaire

We would welcome your time and input into your views on leadership training and support within the sector, what you would like to take part in and how you would like this to be delivered.  This information will be used to source funding to roll out leadership training and support across the sector for social businesses across the country regardless of size and location.

Empower Be The Change Leadership Survey

You can also access the survey through clicking on this link