The annual Cockpit Effect Report was launched on the 11 March at the prestigious Clothworkers’ Hall to an invited audience of 50 enthusiastic guests. Hosted by new Chief Executive Annie Warburton and David Crump, Head of Business Incubation, key findings were shared on the impact of Cockpit Arts pioneering approach, along with insights into how Cockpit enables talent to flourish and support entrepreneurial craft businesses.

See more about our findings and read the full report here>>>

Following David Crump’s presentation, there was a panel conversation hosted by Annie Warburton with Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar, Clerk to The Clothworkers’ Company and Chief Executive of The Clothworkers’ Foundation, weaver Majeda Clarke (a former Clothworkers’ Company Awardee), and Emma Jeffs, Cockpit Arts Business Coach.

Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar: ‘Any of us at Clothworkers’ who have had the pleasure of visiting Cockpit at Deptford or Holborn, always find it uplifting. Beyond being a feast for the eye, it is wonderful to encounter so much talent, honing extraordinary skills. The Cockpit team, and the makers themselves, offer wonderful support to those seeking to make a decent living from their hard work. This is business incubation at its most creative and effective. If only there were Cockpits all around the UK!’

Majeda Clarke: ‘It is often an area of weakness for many craft businesses who struggle to know where to start, especially if their area of expertise is making. I knew I wanted to start my own studio and felt very comfortable with the design and making of products, however, the next steps needed to develop a successful business such as marketing, distribution and social media were entirely new to me. To have such a range of workshops and support within one place is incredibly helpful and the advice I have received really has provided me with a platform to move forward in my business.’

Annie Warburton: ‘The Cockpit Effect 2019 offers an insight into the impact that our support makes. Studio space is essential but it’s not enough alone. Tailored business coaching, from specialists who know craft from the inside, unlocks the possibility of running a successful practice in the heart of London. As the report shows, year-on-year Cockpit makers have been able to enhance profitability, bucking trends elsewhere in the industry.’ 

About Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts is the UK’s only creative business incubator for craftspeople and an award winning social enterprise, housing up to 170 small businesses at our studios in central and south London. We support craft makers at the start of their careers, as well as those who are more established, to grow and build successful, thriving businesses in the UK and internationally. We work with a wide range of talented individuals, including master craftspeople, artist-makers, batch producers and more scalable businesses.