Karrek Community CIC (“Karrek”) has received an investment of £50,000 from the Resonance Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund, and impact investment fund focusing on social enterprises in the South West. Karrek is a domiciliary care agency providing home care support for vulnerable people across Cornwall. Its main aim is to ensure that people receive the help they really need to help them in their daily lives – not what others think they need.  This “person centric care” is what makes Karrek stand out in the delivery of support and care – they start with the individual and then design the package around the person.  Currently the service offers an “outreach” provision from its main base in St Austell. The investment from the Fund will help them embed hubs in local communities where they will be able to offer a more responsive, effective and efficient service to those needing their help. 

Karrek works with people with learning and/or physical disabilities, mental health and/or behavioural challenges, autism and people with certain forms of brain injury. The organization currently supports twenty individuals with a mixture of care packages, ranging from 2:1, 24/7 support to a small number of set hours per week.  Its vision is to “empower vulnerable people to have greater control over their lives and to enjoy their lives to the full”.  To assist with that aim, the investment from the Resonance Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund will cover the set up costs for the initial hub deployment for the first year.  After this, sufficient surplus will be generated within the organization to see the project to its conclusion.  This will increase the impact the organization can make in several areas including:

  • Providing a better service to their existing clients, given they have more of a local focus;
  • Improving their responsiveness and capacity in the local communities;
  • Increasing their impact on local communities through better integration.

This investment in staff to assist in the development of local office hubs based across Cornwall, follows a successful pilot at Karrek’s Redruth site.  The scale up phase will run over three years with four hubs being developed in year one, followed by a roll out of a further four hubs in the following two years.  Each hub will have a team leader and four staff members.

Karrek’s  person-centred approach, is delivered through a process of detailed care planning so that each individual can determine their required outcomes. This means a team member always meets with the individual prior to starting a package of care, to understand how they wish to be supported (or how their family wishes in the case of the individual not having capacity).  Karrek then designs the care package around their needs, desires, life goals and aspirations.  This approach is highly valued by statutory agencies, professionals and individuals who feel that they have a greater level of control over the support they receive.  The bespoke nature of the Karrek approach does take slightly longer, and hence Karrek is not the most price sensitive supplier in the market, but this is understood and valued by the people they work with, and Karrek has found its approach has enhanced their reputation and supports the organization’s core value of empowerment to the individual.

Paul Ashton, CEO of Karrek explains why the investment is important: “We are a small ‘not for profit’ company with a positive vision for the future and this investment has come at an important stage in our journey.  It will enable us to achieve our goals in a shorter timescale and will lead to an increase in available support for vulnerable people who require personal support. We plan to use this investment with care and enthusiasm as a contribution to improving personal care for the people of Cornwall”.  We are excited about the next stage in our growth; we really appreciate this opportunity that we have as a result of this investment.”  

Ken is supported by Karrek and he says: “I like the Karrek staff because they help me to live the life I want.  My support is agreed with me and I go through my daily notes with the staff to make sure we don’t miss anything important.

“Karrek is important to me because the staff listen to me.  I go to the office regularly to speak to the managers about my support and life goals.”

Veryan Young, Investment Manager at Resonance, said of the investment: “Karrek is run by an incredibly experienced couple who have worked in the care sector for many years.  Although Karrek only contacted us about six months ago, we have been able to push forward from introduction to investment because of their focus and skills.  Resonance was immediately impressed with Karrek’s innovative model and their successful track record over a short period of time and investment from the Fund will enable them to deliver a five-fold increase in the number of beneficiaries they will be able to help and assist them in shortening their waiting list.

“In addition, these local hubs will be staffed by people who can offer local knowledge of what is available in that locality – goods and/or services, groups, volunteers etc., all of which could help their beneficiaries and will help create a greater bond with their local community.

“We are also pleased that we were able to arrange for Karrek to receive help from the Access Foundation’s Reach Fund in April, which helped them improve their financial model and so secure the investment.

“Karrek is just the sort of organization that the Resonance Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund would like to invest in, so if your organization is offering innovative and impactful solutions to the challenges in our sector in the South West, or planning to, we would like to hear from you.”

About the Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund (South West):

The Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund provides loans of up to £150,000 to social enterprises which are demonstrating effective health & wellbeing solutions to challenges faced across Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The South West is one of the most demanding demographics in the country for the NHS and Local Authority Social Care teams to cope with, but it also has one of the highest concentrations of social and community enterprises.  However, all too often, funding is not available at the size and terms that make it feasible for these enterprises to grow.  The small loans available through the Fund will help them turn their best ideas into impactful solutions to help tackle big issues like dementia, diabetes, obesity and depression.

About Resonance:

Resonance is a social impact investment company. Our mission is to connect capital with social enterprise:  something we have been doing across the UK for over 15 years. 

Our Ventures team works as a corporate finance advisor with individual social enterprises to prepare for and raise investment. Our Funds team creates and manages impact investment funds, focused on delivering the capital needs of multiple social enterprises at scale.  We have particular expertise in community-led projects, homelessness, education, health, social care, criminal justice. Resonance has over £150m under management across its seven operational impact investment funds.

With offices in Launceston, Manchester, London, Bristol and Birmingham and a team of over 30, Resonance is helping to build the market for social investment in practice.


If you have any queries regarding Resonance please contact:

Sharon Smallworth, Communications Manager

t/ 01566 457150  e/ sharon.smallworth@resonance.ltd.uk

follow @resonanceltd


About Karrek Community CIC:

Karrek Community is a new style ‘not for profit’ company supporting people and families who have personal budgets or are in receipt of direct payments.  We have a set of values that govern our identity as a company and a measure of how well we support people:

Empowerment – We believe that people should have control & choice over every aspect of their lives

Inclusion – We believe that people have the right to live as equal citizens in their communities

Dignity – We believe that every person is valued and respected for who they are

Spirituality – We believe that every person has the right to explore the spiritual dimension in their lives 

These Values will be our source of inspiration and will guide our culture, thinking and practice.

We believe that these values are important to the families and individuals that have expressed an interest in being supported in the future and will therefore ensure these are fundamental to every part of the operation and direction of the company.

We are committed to working in partnership with other like minded organizations for the greater good of the people of Cornwall.


If you have any queries regarding Karrek Community CIC please contact:

Paul Ashton, CEO t/ 01726 810045    e/ paul@karrekcommunity.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karrekcommunity/


About South West Academic Health Science Network:

The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) is dedicated to improving healthcare and driving innovation acceleration across the region.  We are part of a national network of 15 AHSNs that have been set up across England by NHS England to identify, adopt and disseminate innovative healthcare. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and the company and Board have the overarching aims of improving health and creating wealth in the region. The CLG status affords us a clear governance structure with strong support and oversight from senior representatives of the healthcare and wealth-creation sectors. Our Board is chaired by Dr Alastair Riddell, who is a Non-Executive Director and Board Chair for a number of organizations and has wide experience in the UK R&D space.


If you have any queries regarding South West Academic Health Science Network please contact:

Kim Hannah, Communications Manager Email: kim.hannah@swahsn.com

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About Access:

Access – The Foundation for Social Investment exists to bridge the gap between charities and social enterprises and social investors. Access does this through two main programmes: the Growth Fund which blends grant from the Big Lottery Fund and loan from Big Society Capital and is focused on enabling the provision of the simple and affordable investment products that charities and social enterprises tell us they need; and the capacity building programme, which provides charities and social enterprises with the support they need to get ready to take on investment. 


If you have any queries regarding Access please contact:

Tel:  020 7084 6833

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About Big Lottery Fund:

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest funder of community activity in the UK. It puts people in the lead to improve their lives and communities, often through small, local projects.  It is responsible for giving out 40% of the money raised by National Lottery players for good causes. Every year it invests over £650 million and awards around 12,000 grants across the UK for health, education, environment and charitable purposes. Since June 2004 it has awarded over £8 billion to projects that change the lives of millions of people.


If you have any queries regarding Big Lottery Fund please contact:

Press Office: 020 7211 1888   Out of hours media contact: 07867 500572

For funding and general enquiries call:  BIG Advice Line: 0345 4 10 20 30

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About Big Society Capital:

Big Society Capital is a financial institution with a social mission, set up to build the social investment market in the UK, so that charities and social enterprises can access appropriate repayable finance to enable them to grow, become more sustainable and increase their impact on society. It is doing this by building a diverse social investment market: encouraging investors to lend or invest money to achieve a social as well as a financial return. Since it was set up as an independent organization in 2012, Big Society Capital has invested over £270 million in specialist organizations who lend to charities and social enterprises.


If you have any queries regarding Big Society Capital please contact:

Press office: 020 7186 2540 / 0788 0587 9500

Follow @bigsocietycap 


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