The UK is a vast and diverse market. The spending power of disabled people and their families is worth £212 billion. This includes deaf people who make up 1 in 7 of the population.

Making your services accessible is the right thing to do and makes good business sense.

InterpreterNow will help your business attract thousands of deaf customers and recruit and retain talented deaf employees. Our service will enable your business to comply with equality legislation and, for health and social care service providers, the Accessible Information Standard.

InterpreterNow already provides deaf people access to many different public, private and charitable organisations such as NHS England, Police 101, Public Health England and the Scottish Government.

Find out how your business can benefit from working with InterpreterNow.

InterpreterNow is an onlineVideo Relay Service that enables deaf and hearing people to communicate with each other. We deliver immediate online video access to fully qualified and registered British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters who will provide interpreting support for Deaf sign language users. The service is accessible via any PC/Mac ,iOS or Android.

InterpreterNow can be used in the workplace, for face–‐to–‐face meetings, appointments, in shops, businesses and for telephone conversations – where deaf people can call a business or service and they can call them back. The service is available 0800–2400, 7–‐days a week, 365.

InterpreterNow is a social enterprise that reinvests it’s net profits back into the deaf community and is dedicated to improving the access, health and wellbeing of deaf people.

InterpreterNow works in close partnership with some of the UK’s leading sign language agencies to provide qualified and experienced interpreting services, online. The strength of these partnerships is that InterpreterNow has the unique capacity to provide a scalable VR service.

InterpreterNow operates successful Video Relay Services (VRS) for

Contact Scotland, NHS24

(Scotland), NHS Customer Contact Centre (CCC). As preferred supplier, we work closely with Vodafone and provide a National VR service for NHS111 and National Flu Pandemic Helpline Service (NPFS). We are working closely with

NHS111 Wales to deliver a VRS solution.

InterpreterNow also provides a VR Service for Leicestershire Police 101, Western Power and Stop Hate UK. InterpreterNow also delivers a flexible Video Relay Interpreting (VRI) service successfully in some NHS Acute Trust and Foundation Trust hospitals, GP’s surgeries, Health centres, Dental practices, County Councils and Citizens Advice Bureaus across the UK. InterpreterNow is a flexible, modern communication support option for every D/deaf and Hard of Hearing person in the UK. The D/deaf population is over 9 million.


InterpreterNow was formed by SignHealth, the National Healthcare Charity for Deaf people. SignHealth has 25 years experience in marketing to the Deaf Community and has built a solid reputation: it is both trusted and respected.

InterpreterNow utilises the latest technology to allow better and faster communication for both deaf and hearing people. The key to providing an effective service is to be easily and quickly accessible at all times.

InterpreterNow is working hard to further develop and extend our services across the public, private and commercial sector to facilitate better and easier access and communication between deaf people and the services they use.

Sick Of It

The Sick Of It Report, the result of a 5‐year National study into deaf people’s experience of the NHS – the largest ever conducted. Commissioned by SignHealth, funded by the National Lottery and conducted by the University of Bristol. Deaf people are more likely to have a reduced life expectancy than hearing people, to be overweight, twice as likely to have high blood pressure and four times more likely to suffer from diabetes. It’s all down to lack of information, lack of communication and lack of access. The full report is online: http://www.signhealth.org.uk/health–‐information/sick–‐of–‐it–‐ report/

InterpreterNow and SignHealth are working in close partnership with both the NHS and the Department of Health  to change these shocking statistics and improve the health and the lives of all deaf people in the UK.



InterpreterNow operates exclusively in the UK with nWISE AB, who are Europe’s leading provider of service platforms for video and text communication for deaf and hard of hearing people. nWISE is also a leading supplier of software based video and text telephones.

Many countries in Europe, USA and Japan and Thailand use nWISE’s product, MMX as their service platform. The product is designed to handle advanced

telephony in a contact centre environment, regardless of the type of media and with a variety of features for both users and service providers. MMX is an open system and handles video, voice, and text in the same way. It is a complete system for managing all types of calls via all types of media from end‐to‐end.

The platform’s unique design and functionality makes MMX the choice for service providers seeking to offer contact, interpreting and relay services and who wish to develop these services on the most innovative service platform currently available. (www.nwise.se)

Professionalism of Interpreters

A high quality service is InterpreterNow’s primary objective. InterpreterNow will only use fully qualified and registered interpreters who follow a strict Code of Practice and act with honesty and integrity at all times and meet the highest standards of interpreting provision and professional development. Indeed, InterpreterNow and SignHealth have close ties and have worked collaboratively for many years with Signature, which runs the National

Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) and SASLI (Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters). The NRCPD and SASLI ensures a high quality of interpreting. There are currently just over 700 qualified interpreters in the UK. A further 100 or so are trainee interpreters who are about to become qualified. Both groups carry photo cards which display their registration. Training to become a registered qualified interpreter is long and rigorous. Many people fail to achieve this standard. InterpreterNow provides the technology, back drop, Code of Practice and training to ensure consistency throughout the country.

Marketing: Building on a reputation of trust within the UK deaf community

As a trading company wholly owned by SignHealth, InterpreterNow has the experience and capability to market online VRS to the Deaf community, ensuring that the predicted growth in usage is achieved. For InterpreterNow, this will mean that more Deaf people are getting better access to high quality communication, and so improve their chances of good physical and mental wellbeing.

Additional communication  support services

InterpreterNow is working hard to develop and set up additional communication support services that will benefit the wider population of deaf and Hard of Hearing non–‐BSL users. This includes services such as;L ip–‐speakers and captioned telephony to be accessible on any PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet. This is a key area for development as the majority of deaf people in the UK are non–‐BSL users but still experience significant communication difficulties. Additionally, InterpreterNow is developing an online service to enable Deaf‐blind people to have direct and easy access to communication support.

Governance ‐ setting the standards

Confidentiality ‐  Online interpreters and InterpreterNow will not disclose to any third party any personal data or confidential information about a service user, other than as required by law.

Information governance

SignHealth, the owner of InterpreterNow is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller. The handling of all personal information about individuals meets all legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998. InterpreterNow is also accredited ISO 27001. Any information received from

Service users shall be treated as being disclosed in confidence and shall not be disclosed by the interpreter to any other person without the prior written consent of the service user and InterpreterNow, other than as required by law. The interpreter and InterpreterNow, in carrying out their obligations in terms of the contract, shall act at all times in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any re–‐enactment or amendment or alteration there to and in compliance of all relevant subordinate legislation made in terms of the Data Protection

The interpreter is a ‘data processor’ under the contract; InterpreterNow agrees to protect and maintain security of any personal data and shall adhere to InterpreterNow security procedures at all times.