The response of businesses to the pandemic and to Black Lives Matter are two current examples of how the work of HR impacts change in society.

Capturing inspiring examples of success and sharing knowledge of how, How HR Leaders Change the World is a new podcast that helps the HR profession create further and faster change.

How HR Leaders Change the World is hosted by From Babies with Love, a social enterprise that provides services to HR Leaders.

Founder Cecilia Crossley said,

“Through the services we provide I came to realise that social entrepreneurs, and HR professionals, are working on the same goals – albeit in different ways. We are all caring for people. We are all making people’s lives, and therefore the world, better. This thinking was the start of How HR Leaders Change the World.”

Podcast episodes published for the launch feature the following global HR leaders:

  • Stefan Ries, Senior External Advisor, McKinsey & Company and former Global CHRO, SAP
  • Sarah Morris, Group Chief People Officer, Compass Group
  • Geoffrey Williams, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Dr Martens
  • Eileen Kiley, Senior Advisor & former CHRO at The RMR Group.

How HR Leaders Change the World provides concise and action-based episodes to share the positive social and environmental impact that HR creates as a part of business success. The listener gains insight into the leader’s vision, and examples of work that they can implement in their teams and organisations too. So the HR profession can drive further and faster positive social change; for our teams, for our companies, for us all.

The How HR Leaders Change the World podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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