In the last twelve months From Babies with Love has increased the number of vulnerable children it supports from 2,060 to 4,180, more than doubling its social impact.

It’s latest project will help some of the estimated 486,000 South-Sudanese refugee children living in Uganda, who are unable to attend school due to lack of spaces and teachers, key barriers to education for refugee children.

From Babies with Love is funding Street Child to train already-qualified South Sudanese teachers in English (the language of teaching in Uganda) and the Ugandan curriculum. This will enable these teachers to work in Ugandan schools, and thereby increase the number of refugee children that can resume their education.

The project will also strengthen child protection networks and provide psychological and social care for refugee children.

News of this new project follows the announcement of From Babies with Love’s partnership with Street Child, launched in December 2017, with a project in North East Nigeria, establishing three Child Friendly Spaces to help children affected by the on-going conflict there.

Cecilia Crossley, From Babies with Love founder, attributes From Babies with Love’s ability to help more children to growth in both its consumer market and its provision of goods and services to corporates.

For example, with it’s Parental Leave Gift Service, the following 3-minute video features HR Leaders at Deloitte, Linklaters and Virgin Money explaining how From Babies with Love delivers for their people strategies:

Tom Dannatt, Street Child CEO, comments: “We’re excited to start this project in refugee communities in Northern Uganda. It will address the urgent need to get primary aged children back to school, supporting the Ugandan education system simply and effectively. After the first months we will look to scale it further, to support tens of thousands more South Sudanese refugee children in Uganda with education and social care.”