From Babies with Love is a finalist at the 2018 Employee Engagement Awards, for best vendor of the year. 

The Employee Engagement Awards are a platform to recognise excellence, they inspire and educate organisations to remake the way they think about and engage people to achieve their purpose. From Babies with Love is a finalist with it’s corporate service, FAMILY, offering parental leave gifts that also support orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

Founder Cecilia Crossley explains, engagement impact and social impact are inextricable in our model. Within strategies to achieve gender balance, and to reduce the cost of attrition, supporting working parents is a key objective for executive committees. By poignantly communicating people and company values, our service is a simple, tangible way to express appreciation for working parents. We’re thrilled to be recognised at these awards, the total engagement of our service is now over 70,000 employees and we are supporting over 4,000 vulnerable children.

To find out more about how From Babies with Love contributes to people strategy please watch this three minute video featuring HR leaders at some of its clients:  

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