Talented chef Emily Roux has collaborated with food-waste start-up Elysia to create a delicious tartine, made entirely with high-quality surplus food, which would otherwise have become food waste.

Founded in 2016, by Sophie Andre, Elysia Catering is a social enterprise which aims to address the tons of local artisan products that are wasted each year, by using surplus, top quality food to cater for businesses and events at an affordable price.

Sophie partners with passionate artisans, and handpicks outstanding products, that would normally be discarded due to supply and demand imbalances, or failed aesthetic standards. These products are then purchased at a cut price which allows the artisans to cover costs plus a margin. 

Emily Roux’s food-waste tartine has been created with a hummus brand ChicP, who make colourful hummus from “wonky” vegetables. They come from London markets that are surplus or have been rejected by supermarket warehouses. Meanwhile, tasty British cheese comes from the best cheese makers all around the UK. The cheese has natural imperfections such as cracks, holes or moisture due to the handmade maturing process but is otherwise perfect. These beautiful ingredients rest upon delicious left-over artisan sourdough bread from Bread Ahead.  

You can order the very special Emily Roux tartine that is priced at 2 pounds and available on Elysia’s website www.elysiacatering.com/aperitif.

Emily Roux has created a “tartine”, which is a French open-faced sandwich that is eaten as a light lunch or a quirky aperitif. This recipe makes use of several wonky vegetables that have been pickled, roasted and turned into a delicious hummus. Served on a thick slice of toasted rye bread, accompanied with shaved Territorial British cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.

“Sophie is an incredibly talented young entrepreneur that is making the best use of imperfect produce. Creating bespoke food options to hungry customers conscious of waste.” Emily Roux

Elysia helps to bring awareness about food waste, reduce the carbon foot print and avoid an economic loss for the producers by rescuing this delicious food. Sophie creates delicious and healthy daily breakfasts & canapes which she delivers on her trusty bicycle to offices and events in central London.