With National Tree Planting week fast approaching, our much loved David Bradley is leaving the sets of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who to come and support Graduate Planet CIC which is the UK’s first Social Enterprise recruitment agency with an environmental mission and the Forest of Hearts charity – an amazing new forest garden outside Stratford Upon Avon, to plant a whole wood in just one day, which will create a magical lasting legacy that will support life for generations to come.

The Forest of Hearts Forest Garden based near to the Armouries will provide enjoyment, education, volunteering opportunities as well as free organic food for the local schools and elderly in the area. They have teamed up with Graduate Planet CIC who reinvest their profits into environmental climate sustainability projects including tree planting, recycling and renewable energy initiatives to combat climate change.  Shortlisted as a finalist in the SME ‘Best New Business’ Awards 2017 and invited onto the PwC Social Entrepreneur programme, they find volunteers, apprentices, graduates and CSR specialists whilst demonstrating the positive impact a businesses can have on the environment when it chooses it’s supply chains wisely.

Together with David Bradley and Event Cow they are inviting local businesses to come on a crisp December afternoon to plant 1000 trees in just one day to create a magical ‘Honey Bee Wood’. 

The wood will have an apiary designed to provide education and volunteering opportunities a safe and accessible teaching garden area with up to 12 bee hives, where local community groups, charities, schools and corporate groups can learn about the importance of bees to pollination and the environment. It will be planted with bee friendly herbs and edible perennial plants, there will be two open air classrooms made of Geodesic domes with an interactive learning experience enabling the next generation to understand the Bees needs.

The World Meteorological Organisation published their latest report on climate change in March, and it makes for unsettling reading. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising faster than ever before, and temperatures are at record breaking highs across the world so we are now in uncharted territory.

“At 13%, the UK has one of the lowest rates of forest coverage compared to the 44% average in Europe but we’re working to change that” says Kate Evans – Founder of Graduate Planet a Community Interest Company. After spending 23 years in recruitment, Kate really wanted to use her skills to support sustainability and is delighted to be working with well known organisations on their apprentice, graduate and senior roles and then using the profits to combat the ever increasing signs of climate change. 

“We have come to realise through working with Millennials, our current 18 – 30 year olds, that they are looking to buy from and work for organisations who are taking their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. We can’t live without trees and it seems that people really want to see more forests planted and restored , we are just acting as conduit for that to happen,” she says.

Trees offer a very simple and practical solution to the huge problem of climate change: when planted and harvested strategically, they take C02 out of the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and storing it as carbon.

With so many of our native trees under threat, including ash, oak, chestnut and six of the conifers that make up 62% of our forest cover, now is the time to give our energy to supporting the wave of planting happening here in the UK.

Carole Longden – Founder of Forest of Hearts designed to the forest garden to create places of purpose and pleasure where people can develop skills, confidence and friendships that will grow and thrive alongside the Forest Garden itself. “We are creating a forest garden is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans.

Organised by Event Cow, this networking event will bring together local businesses, charities corporate and famous volunteers to encourage local businesses to come along for an hour and get their hands dirty, meet other like minded businesses and get the opportunity to demonstrate their involvement and interest. It offers a brilliant communications / CSR (corporate social responsibility) opportunity especially as it will be held during ‘National Tree Planting Week’.

There is hearty food available in the Vintage Tea Room and Henry’s Castle Playbarn and the chance to meet with David Bradley and be part of the magic that will bring joy to the area for many years to come. David is also starring in this year’s Christmas Day Dr Who special, saving the earth yet again.

The event is at Forest of Hearts, Gospel Oak Lane, Pathlow, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 0JA. (Please park in the Armouries Car Park) on December 1st between 11am – 3pm

For more information, visit www.graduateplanet.co.uk and www.forestofhearts.co.uk

Kate Evans, Graduate Planet, 07880 888501  01789 601496 kate.evans@graduateplanet.co.uk

Further Info

Graduate Planet is a community Interest company and the UK’s first social enterprise recruitment agency with a clear environmental mission. A certified member of Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), Graduate Planet CIC aims to make the world a better place by reinvesting its annual trading profit into environmental initiatives close to its corporate clients.

www.graduateplanet.co.uk    kate.evans@graduateplanet.co.uk   01789 601496  

Forest of Hearts is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) promoting accessible and sustainable agroforestry, or “Forest Gardens” which exist for enjoyment, education, volunteering and also support good causes. In partnership with Event Cow.

www.forestofhearts.co.uk    carolelongden@forestofhearts.com    02476 470382

Event Cow Stratford Upon Avon team building and event company delivering memorable, fun and purposeful team building, conferences and events. 

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