Ethex had some big plans for the spring and summer months. These involved getting out and about to speak at events around the country, meeting up with people and getting involved in some important discussions about how they can work towards a better future, tackling the big issues of climate change, social inequality and declining community resources.

And, no doubt like so many of you, all our plans were suddenly halted when the COVID-19 crisis hit and life changed for us in ways we could hardly have imagined. But in the aftermath of the shock of the scale of the global crisis, a movement started to emerge. The call for the UK to #BuildBackBetter in the wake of the crisis has been growing louder as more and more people see our recovery from the virus as an opportunity to rebuild our society in a fairer and more sustainable way, putting us in a better position to tackle the other major challenges we continue to face.

For that reason, Ethex planned a series of webinars, where people can join us from their own homes, to listen to us and a series of co-hosts discuss the issues we’re still facing and ideas for solutions, including how we can all take action with our money to fund some of the organisations who are taking positive action.

Each of our webinars is recorded and you access the videos using the links below.

Ethex Cuppa Clubs
These are a series of informal webinars, where we introduce you to some of the fantastic organisations raising funds on Ethex, hear from them and give you a chance to put your questions to them over a cuppa.

Week 1 – Low Carbon Hub and Co Cars
Week 2 – Charge My Street and Ecological Land Cooperative
Week 3 – Cafedirect and Thrive Renewables

Discussion Webinars

These webinars will give a chance to delve a bit deeper into some of the important issues we’re all facing and discuss with a panel of experts how we can all play a part in building a more sustainable future as we emerge from the current crisis.

Good Investing for Women

Scaling Sustainable Transport for a Low-Carbon Future

Greening your Finances to #BuildBackBetter