Social entrepreneurs use Expert Impact to get matched with a mentor they want to discuss a business challenge with. Commonly, these are things like business development, strategy or investment. Expert Impact has more than 70 mentors in their portfolio and they are all people that have been successful in business.

A lot of knowledge gets shared in Expert Impact sessions but just between two people. So we thought of a way to share that knowledge more widely.

Introducing: Bitesize Business Lessons.

These are short films featuring our mentors sharing their expertise. The first of them is ‘How to Create a Strong Brand for your Social Enterprise‘, hosted by award-winning branding expert, David Taylor, of the brandgym.

The two-minute film sees David explain how you can think about and improve your brand. He brings his ideas to life by using a famous social enterprise case study: social enterprise chocolatiers, Harry Specters.

David will be joining Expert Impact for a lunchtime chat about the film and the branding lessons within it on Instagram Live on Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 12.30pm.