On World Water Day, social enterprise Belu announce they’ve donated £2,200,075.46 to WaterAid transforming 146,671 lives with access to clean water and sanitation.

About Belu

Belu is an ethical business and a pioneering social enterprise. Belu champion the environmental benchmark in their sector, and trade with the purpose of investing 100% of profits into ending water poverty through their exclusive partner, WaterAid. Success at Belu is measured by the reduction of overall environmental impact, successful and sustainable trading, and the number of lives transformed in poor countries through access to clean water.

Belu & WaterAid

This year’s impact report marks the sixth year of our partnership with WaterAid. As of March 2017, Belu have donated a total of £2,200,075.46. Just £15 can help provide one person with access to safe water, decent toilets and good hygiene, so that translates to 146,671 lives transformed. In the last year alone, Belu has made £664,000 of profit and £31,140 raised from partner fundraising given to WaterAid, which translates to 46,342 lives transformed with access to safe water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Belu are excited to announce that the partnership with WaterAid has been extended until 2030, aligning the business in supporting the achievement of Global Goal 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure water and sanitation for all. Belu’s goal is to give WaterAid £1M per year by 2018.

Belu CEO, Karen Lynch, explains business can be done differently and hopes to inspire other corporates to enter into longer term partnerships: “Six years ago, when we started working with WaterAid, the term ‘social enterprise’ was barely heard of and we were one amongst many other bottled water brands.  Now, thanks to the strength of our partnership, we can say that our socially-conscious way of doing business is making a huge difference.  The power of the Global Goals is such that businesses can align and work differently.  Together with WaterAid, we’re committed to ending water poverty by 2030 and hope our unique way of doing business will inspire other long term partnerships to thrive.”

CEO of WaterAid, Barbara Frost says; “We are absolutely delighted that Belu will continue its support of WaterAid’s work until 2030, helping us to deliver our vision of a world where everyone everywhere has access to clean water and good sanitation.  Since our exclusive partnership began in 2011, Belu has paved the way as a leading UK social enterprise – donating 100% of their profits to WaterAid’s work. This unique long-term commitment is a great example of how organisations can work together to create social change and transform lives across the world, while also running a successful business.”

Click here to read Belu’s new Impact Report

Carbon footprint

In addition to Belu’s positive social impact, 2016 saw significant improvement to their environmental impact. Belu measure and report their carbon footprint in a transparent way to achieve PAS 2060 (the highest British standard specification of carbon neutrality). This applies to the impact of all products, not just the head office. From 2010 to 2016 Belu reduced their carbon footprint by 45% per litre to 433g CO2e/litre (8% per litre versus the previous year). This was achieved through more efficient manufacturing and continued innovation of products. For example, the 500ml RPET bottles are now 2.5g lighter and use 15% less raw materials.