We are the leading global authority on social enterprise.

We are the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK.

We are a strategic partner to 6 government departments and have led public policy on social enterprise for 15 years.

We have unrivalled business relationships working with some of the biggest companies in the UK to support social enterprise through their supply chains, people and networks.

Our membership is a network that includes all the leading lights of the UK social enterprise movement from community organisations to consumer products.

We have created the world’s largest commitment to social procurement through the Buy Social Corporate Challenge.


What we’ve done with our members

Our members define who we are and guide our approach to everything we do.

  • Together we’re making a difference to communities
  • Together we have increased awareness of social enterprise around the world
  • Together we have passed the Social Value Act which requires public bodies to take into account the wider social, environmental and economic impact of the services they commission.
  • Together we have challenged big business to look at buying more from social enterprises
  • Together we have helped create Big Society Capital
  • Together we have supported local communities to champion social enterprise
  • Together we have changed the face of business

And we have big plans for the future – together we can redefine an economy that works for society and not just for narrow interests.

What we can do for you

There’s no one type of member, and so we look to provide support to social enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Our members are proud to use their SEUK member badge to promote their social enterprise status.


Just starting out? We offer free legal advice, networking with other entrepreneurs, routes to grant funders and investors, members discounts and a wide range of support and publications.

Public sector

Working in public services? We represent all the largest social enterprises in health, social care, education and leisure,  making the case for the effectiveness of social enterprises in public service delivery and generating interest in key sector press. 

Selling to the public?

We run Social Saturday part of the award winning Buy Social campaign. We generate media coverage in consumer press to help you reach new customers, raise awareness of social enterprise amongst the general public.


Trading with businesses?  We’re engaging the supply chains of some of the UK’s biggest businesses through the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, helping businesses to better support social enterprises through their expertise.

Not a social enterprise? You can still be a supporter member! Contact us for more information.


How much does it cost? 

Our membership bands are designed to support you whatever stage you’re at on your social enterprise journey. From brand new start-ups to multi-million pound organisations, our unrivalled networks and reach will ensure you get the most from your membership year after year. The price of SEUK membership is determined by your social enterprise’s turnover. Current membership fees are:

0 – 100K turnover – FREE

100K – 500K turnover – £175 per annum

500K – 5M turnover –  £550 per annum

5M – 50M turnover – £2,800 per annum

50m+ turnover –  £4,750 per annum 

We have an additional band of £1500 per annum for universities and local authorities – please contact us if you are applying for this band of membership.