• Time: Thursday 17 March 2022 15.00-16.15 (CET)  – English time 14.00-15.15 (GMT)
  • Place: Online (link for online participation will be sent to participants on 16 March)
  • Participation is FREE
  • Signup: via the link “Tilføj til kurv” (add to basket) or by emailing Per Bach per@socialeentreprenorer.dk
  • The event is organized by Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark and project Rummelig Genstart

When it comes to growth and development of social enterprises Great Britain is probably one of the worlds hot spots. This applies both in relation to political and the government’s interest in the field and in relation to the activities initiated by various actors to support social enterprises. This concerns e.g. on social investment, support schemes and accelerator and competence building programs. The UK also has one of the world’s strongest advocates and member organizations for social enterprises – Social Enterprise UK, that has done a great job in building partnerships between social enterprises and corporates.

This event will feature presentations from a few inspiring examples of social enterprises from the UK, that have formed successful partnerships with traditional private enterprises. We will also hear about Social Enterprise UK’s work to promote this kind of collaboration through their Buy Social Corporate Challenge campaign.

We hope the examples can inspire the development of partnerships between social enterprises and corporates in Denmark.


15.00-15-05 (UK time
Per Bach, Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark, Anne Rahbek, Rummelig Genstart

15.05-15.25 (UK time 14.05-14.25)
Partnership between Gloucester Services and Gloucestershire Gateway Trust
Mark Gale, founder and chief executive, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

15.25-15.45 (UK time 14.25-14.45)
Wild Hearts – partnerships with multinationals
Dr. Mick Jackson, founder and CEO, WildHearts Group

15.45-16.05 (UK time 14.45-15.05)
Buy Social Corporate Challenge
Jennifer Exon, Director of Business and Enterprise, Social Enterprise UK (SEUK)

16.05-16-15   (UK time 15.05-15.15)

About the presenters:

Mark Gale Mark Gale, founder and ​Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust
Mark Gale is a former UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year. He has previously advised government on social inclusion, and been a national board member of the housing charity Shelter.

Gloucester Services is pioneering model of social investment, bringing to life the vision of residents of Gloucester housing estate and turning the nearby motorway into an asset through the creation of sustainable jobs and income.
The partnership between the Westmorland Family and the community development charity Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, both of whom have a stake in the business, is a great example that when companies and charities work together, they are able to create greater value than they would be able to create individually.

Gloucester Services has exceeded its charitable goals and created over 400 jobs, employing over 80 people specifically from ‘target’ communities. Making communities more resilient and supporting residents to develop their employability skills and become job ready is a goal for both the charity and the company.

The partnership is also an example of a social enterprise model that creates social value locally on a large scale.
Gloucestershire Gateway Trust: www.gloucestershiregatewaytrust.org.uk
Gloucester Services: www.gloucesterservices.com

Dr. Mick Jackson, Founder and CEO of The WildHearts Group
Mick Jackson is a serial entrepreneur, author, ex chart-topping rock singer and the founder of The WildHearts Group – a portfolio of companies committed to creating global social change. To date, WildHearts have transformed over 1,500,000 lives globally.

Mick’s work has been recognised globally; he has received numerous honorary doctorates, been EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and is the second only recipient of the highly prestigious Babson Social Innovation Award from the world’s top school in entrepreneurship.

The WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies committed to creating global social change.  WildHearts has been recognised as a world leading B2B social enterprise, is Carbon Neutral, a B-Corp and a signatory to the United Nations’ Global Compact. Its activities address over 50% of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it is recognised as one of the top 100 global businesses addressing the SDGs.

The WildHearts Group delivers office consumables business services, document management and purpose-driven talent development programmes to companies such as Nestlé, SAP, Barclays and Zurich. All its social and environmental initiatives are supported by the profits and activities from WildHearts’ businesses.
Find out more, here: https://www.wildheartsgroup.com

Jennifer Exon, Director of Business and Enterprise at Social Enterprise UK (SEUK)
Jennifer is leading on the SEUK’s corporate market building work which includes the Buy Social Corporate Challenge. Buy Social Corporate Challenge is an ambitious initiative that aims to get a group of high-profile companies to open up their supply chains to social enterprises and jointly buy in for £ 1 billion from social enterprises. Among the participating companies are i.a. SAP, Thomson & Thomson, Deloitte and PWC.an initiative seeing some of the UK’s biggest businesses open up their supply chains to social enterprises.

Jennifer is working to drive forward Social Enterprise UK´s work in building markets for social enterprises, trying to open doors and creating as many opportunities as possible for social enterprises.

Jennifer has spend over seven years at Business in the Community (BiTC) where she was working as their Enterprise and Culture Development Director. She also headed up BiTC’s arc programme which has supported the development and growth of social enterprises in some of the poorest communities in the country.
More about Buy Social Corporate Challenge at: www.socialenterprise.org.uk/corporate-challenge