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There are many discussions taking place in the course, why not join in? Here’s a sample:

“To me it’s that a difference can be made if companies consider social enterprises in their supply chain when making procurement decisions.”

“I 100% agree with Cecilia that the first conversation with the customer is about solving their problems. Since more and more corporates are thinking about social procurement, and this may change as being a social enterprise does become our USP. In some ways it is necessary to have a 2-pronged approach depending on who you are pitching to.”

“I’ve tried hard over the years to understand how my ideas have not been used by big corporates. I now understand that maybe the problem was me focusing on the social idea itself instead of focusing on solving a problem for my potential clients. I am very grateful for this course.”

“I agree with the perspective emphasised by Jeremy, I believe educating the middle layer or business decision makers & budget holders (a.k.a. Doughnut Hole) will remain as being one of the most critical challenges for enterprises of today & future.”

“Having been about IT delivery and support for 30 years, a total culture change, and a positive mid life change to realise I can make a small difference.”

“One of the greatest ways of supporting Social Enterprises is to talk about and share your experiences. In this world of social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, even an old-fashioned talk over a pint or prosecco, there are so many ways to share stories of great Social Enterprises.”

Course Summary

Corporate supply chains represent a significant opportunity to achieve social impact. Increasingly, businesses are choosing to purchase from social enterprise suppliers who can provide high quality products and services whilst delivering social value to their communities. As a social enterprise, how do you tap into this market? And, as a business, what are the benefits to you? In this course, we hear first-hand from experts in leading social enterprises on how they tapped into the corporate market. We also hear from business leaders explaining the benefits that social suppliers can bring to business. This Thought Leaders course shows that social enterprise is becoming increasingly mainstream, enhancing corporate supply chains and enabling companies of all sizes to achieve greater social engagement with local communities, operate more sustainably, and do business with a more positive social and environmental impact.

The course has a global relevance and the contributors were recorded at the 2018 Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh (Scotland) involving leading proponents of corporate social partnerships from around the world. The course presenters describe their motivation for engagement, the processes of purchasing or supply and measuring and communicating the social impact. Course partner Social Enterprise UK will support learners interested in continued engagement through the Buy Social Corporate Challenge campaign, a global initiative enabling corporate partners to generate and account for social impact through everyday purchasing.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Discovering Social Procurement
Week 2: Method and Measurement
Week 3: Global Experiences
Week 4: Broader Perspectives

Target Audience

  • People working in procurement interested in developing social enterprise supply chains
  • Social entrepreneurs interested in the procurement market
  • People working in corporate responsibility
  • Anyone interested in social enterprise, social innovation, and social impact

Course Requirements

This course is open to all. There are no formal requirements.

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