Learn how self management skills can help in a flexible working world. Build trust & empower your teams, boosting a positive outcome for all.

Who this event is for:

This session is aimed at managers, senior management, change-makers, team leads, teams, and anyone curious about distributed leadership and models of autonomy and self-management. This event is for social enterprises, charities or organisations in Cambridge.

About the event: 

Whether you’re back at the office, still from working home or a mix of the two, chances are you won’t – and wouldn’t want to – let go of some of the positives of working more flexibly. After all, it has been great to be able to pick up the kids from school and determine your own working hours. But it has been harder to monitor quality of output, and to stay informed about what is happening throughout the organisation.

If you wonder how autonomy, initiative and flexibility can be combined with high performance, quality and customer service, it is worth looking at organisations such as Netflix, Buurtzorg, Spotify and others, where working like this in their DNA. Having delivered unparalleled growth, service outcomes and financial results, their concepts of self-management built on empowerment and trust provide great lessons for the new world we find ourselves in today.

In this workshop, Paul Jansen of Cambridge-based Trust Works will introduce the innovative concepts of self-management and distributed leadership through a number of case studies. He will explore how to empower front-line employees, minimise bureaucracy and promote trust, transparency and openness to learning. And how this leads to better outcomes, more fun at work and fantastic customer loyalty.

We will discuss how some of the key elements translate well to your organisations today, as we adapt to a more hybrid way of working and respond to changing expectations of the labour market. And we will reflect on why social enterprises may be especially suited to a model that promotes employee empowerment.

The workshop will cover:

1. Netflix, Buurtzorg and other mavericks: the virtues and challenges of trusting your workforce to do the right thing – presentation (30 minutes):

  • An exploration of what self-management is all about
  • Case studies of organisations using self-management successfully

2. Q&A (15 minutes)

3. Could this work for me? – guided discussion (plenary or in breakout groups – 30 minutes)

4. Quick wins – or how you could make a start (15 minutes)

About Paul Jansen and Trust Works

Paul has made a career out of helping organisations realise their full potential by unleashing the capabilities and intrinsic motivation of their people. He led and created several employee-owned social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations and as COO of Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland introduced concepts of self-management to many organisations in and outside the UK.

In 2020 he created Trust Works, which delivers interactive, fun and challenging programmes that inspire and provide practical tools and skills to organisations and individuals who want to learn about self-management. Trust Works also provides tailor-made support to organisations through consultancy and coaching, helping them to introduce innovative ways of working that are more suited to the hybrid times we are living in and are in tune with the aspirations of the latest generations of employers and staff.


The workshop is free to attend.


The event will be online and we will send the joining details nearer the time.

This event is part of Allia’s work supporting social enterprise in Cambridge, partly funded by a Cambridge City Council community grant.

Book here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/empower-your-people-with-a-fun-trusting-workplace-tickets-261693190377

Start Date: 25/02/2022

Start Time: 11am

End Date: 25/02/2022

End Time: 12.30pm