8 July 2020

Charlie Wigglesworth, Deputy Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK said:

“We welcome the Chancellor’s focus on jobs and providing support to those that need help, particularly young workers. Social enterprises have a fantastic record on employment, creating more jobs on average than the rest of the private sector, and for the people and places that need these jobs the most. We look forward to engaging with the government and sharing the lessons from our sector about how to create jobs”.

“The Government must ensure that any short term support creates a long term legacy. All the schemes announced today should support social enterprises which have proven time and time again that they can create sustainable employment in all parts of our country. Not every business is equal, and we should make sure that those which put society and our planet before profit are at the front of the queue for support.”


For more information please contact Andrew O’Brien, Director of External Affairs at Social Enterprise UK – andrew.obrien@socialenterprise.org.uk