27 October 2021

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive at Social Enterprise UK, commenting on the Budget and Spending Review today said:

“The Chancellor has spent a lot of money today in the Spending Review and Budget. Worryingly, we have not seen a credible plan to change the British economy so that we can deliver the transition to Net Zero and level up communities.  We need to move on from business as usual to grow new forms of business that patiently invest in people, places and the planet. The power of better forms of business, such as social enterprise, hold the key to our future. Politicians need to rapidly educate themselves on the potential of social enterprise.”

“Social Enterprise UK will keep championing the need for reform and the benefits that could come to the UK economy through backing the right kind of businesses. Today’s Budget and Spending Review was a missed opportunity in the wake of COVID to build back better. We cannot put off fixing our broken economic model any longer.”