Location: London, UK

Beneficiaries: the planet (preventing food waste, and the embodied land, water and energy)

About Toast Ale

Toast Ale, founded in 2016, brews award-winning beer with fresh surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich makers that would otherwise be wasted. The company contract brews with Wold Top Brewery, one of the UK’s most sustainable breweries, to leverage spare capacity and produces a range of four delicious beers: Purebread Pale Ale, Much Kneaded Craft Lager, Bloomin’ Lovely IPA and Born and Bread American Pale Ale. Toast Ale also collaborates with breweries UK-wide and has launched in the US, South Africa, Iceland and Brazil. All profits go to the charity Feedback to end food waste.

Toast Ale was founded on four principles:

  1. Produce great beer that customers love. Toast has won multiple awards, including a 2017 Silver taste award by the International Beer Challenge.
  2. Use surplus bread. Toast sources the unused heel end of loaves from sandwich makers and unsold full loaves of bread from bakeries, using them to replace 1/3 of the malted barley. By April 2018, over 13 tonnes of bread have been upcycled into beer.
  3. Raise awareness of food waste. The product is literally a message in a bottle, with food waste stats printed on the label. Additionally, Toast has achieved global press coverage and has highly engaged social media channels
  4. Donate all profits to charity. By the end of 2018, over £10,000 will have been donated to Feedback.