In 2010, after years of feeling discontent with the way big supermarkets conduct business, Ruth and Amy Anslow decided to create a company to change that. Inspired by ethical consumerism and the fair trade movement, they envisioned a new way of supplying food that prioritized the health, happiness, and wellbeing of people and their local communities. They set out on a mission to transform this vision into a store. While they had to work hard to prove the feasibility of this innovative new business model, they raised over £30,000 in a crowdfunding campaign, in addition to money from various funds and social investors. Their successful fundraising campaign allowed them to garner the support from people in Brighton and all over the country for a better kind of supermarket.

In December 2013, the Anslow sisters co-founded the hiSbe Food pilot store in Brighton with their friend Jack Simmonds. hiSbe stands for “how it Should be.”  hiSbe Food embodies fair, responsible and sustainable trading practices and is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the local community. By putting people before profit, hiSbe is reinventing the way supermarkets do business in a beneficial way. hiSbe is a social enterprise, so rather than prioritising delivering short-term profit like the big supermarkets do, they focus on making a fair profit while supporting the local economy, creating a happy community and standing up for a responsible food industry.

Since 2013, the hiSbe Pilot Store has become commercially viable and is delivering measurable social impact. Ruth, Amy and Jack are seeking to scale their business concept to other areas. They are propelled by tremendous support from the local Brighton and Hove community and social enterprise investors CAF Venturesome, UnLtd, CIVA and Here. In 2015, hiSbe was invited to speak at the Social Enterprise World Forum.

Learn more about hiSbe here.