Geographic location: Bristol, UK

CEO: Katie Alcott

Beneficiaries: Marginalised and tribal communities in India and Nepal.


FRANK Water Ltd was founded in 2005 to fund safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to marginalised communities in India and Nepal.

To do this, they take their bespoke Refill Service to UK music festivals and events where they serve chilled, filtered water to customers and sell refillable water bottles, cups and other merchandise.

In addition, FRANK sell artesian spring water (in glass bottles only) to restaurants, bars and cafes around the UK.

All profits from sales of bottled water, refillable bottles, cups and other merchandise fund their WASH programmes in India and Nepal. Water for Water.  

Since 2005, FRANK Water have provided safe water, good sanitation and hygiene training to more than 386,000 people in 440 communities. Whilst the social enterprise has not funded this work single-handedly, it has played a significant role in achieving this impact. In addition, FRANK Water encourages the public to change its behaviour in order to reduce waste and protect our environment. FRANK’s Refill Service was developed in 2010. In 2017, they attended 11 different music festivals. Thanks to 189 committed volunteers, they served nearly 100,000 refills of chilled filtered water saving nearly 8 tonnes of carbon and 150,000 litres of water that would have been used in the production of the same number of plastic bottles. 

In May 2017, FRANK Water launched its #PledgeToRefill campaign, urging consumers to ditch single-use disposables and carry a refillable water bottle or cup instead. To date, more than 1200 people have made their #PledgeToRefill.